- The state programme “Cultural heritage”

The book collection “Cultural heritage of Kazakhstan”

The book collection “Cultural heritage of Kazakhstan” is situated in open access in “Kazakstan kitaptary” department and numbers more than 2 000 copies. These are the books in history, philosophy, pedagogics, politics, architecture, economy, law, archeology, ethnography and culture of Kazakhstan, the encyclopaedic dictionaries, the novels and short stories of Kazakhstani writers and classics of world literature translated into the Kazakh language. Among them are such series like: “Babalar sozy”, “The library of world literature”, which includes into itself the nest literary creative activity of the countries of Europe, America, Australia, Africa, Asia, “The history of Kazakh literature”, “The philosophical heritage of the Kazakh people from ancient times to our days”, “The world culturological thought”, “The economic classics”,

“The world philosophical heritage” and others. For independent search and study by readers there are given editions and artistic works in 36 book series.     

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