There in the reading hall of periodical editions is organized the exhibition, dedicated to the 90-th anniversary of the Kyzyl-Orda regional public-political newspaper “Syr boiy”              

 0021The regional public-political newspaper “Syr boiy” is the carrier of the history of the region. The first number of the newspaper went out on July 1, 1929 under the title “Syr boiy” in Kyzyl-Orda city. On 1932 the newspaper was renamed into  “Lenin tuy”, in    1938-1991  the newspaper was named “Lenin zholy”.

During the three quarters of a century the newspaper was changing its name, and after that it returned to its original name – “Syr boiy”. The first number of the newspaper was signed by Zh.Tlepbergen. in subsequent years the newspaper was headed by: S.Seyitov, Zh.Syzdykov, Z.Zharkynbayev, U.Bagayev,N.Ualiuly, A.Rakhimbekuly, Zh.Rakhmatullah, S.Pirnazar, N.Amanzholov and others.

“Syr boiy” is the newspaper that exists on strict planning. There exists the concept of development of the newspaper designed for two years. There in the editorial office is a list of rubrics, by which there goes constant work. During its multi-year history the newspaper participated most actively in the upbringing of several generations of the residents of the region, it became the main ideological instrument of its times.

The history of the newspaper is the history of the Kyzylorda region and the whole of the country. It always satisfied the requests of its readers. The newspaper during the 90 years of its existence became the alloy of young minds and the tested experience of the older generation. For a long time already it went beyond the framework of “the public-political” and became informational and cognitive one and the newspaper will always be the main tribune of the residents of the region.

At the present time chief editor of the newspaper is K.Sharabidinov. the newspaper comes out three times per week. The circulation of the newspaper is 30305 copies. In 1979 the newspaper was awarded the highest state award “Badge of Honour”, some variants were put forward as an example at the Exhibition of achievements at the All-Union people’s economy in Moscow city.

In 1972 it was awarded the Honorary Diploma of the Supreme Soviet of the Kazakh SSR for the publication of the 10 thousandth number of the newspaper.

In 2005 the newspaper received the most prestigious national prize of journalists “Altyn Zhuldyz” from the Academy of journalists in the nomination “The nest regional newspaper”. In 2006 the newspaper received the Presidential prize for the full and multi-sided highlighting of implementation of the state programmesin the region. There at the exhibition out of the fond of National library of the RK are presented the articles of well-known writers, journalists dedicated to the newspaper “Syr boiy” and the numbers of the newspaper during different periods in its history.

We invite everybody to the exhibition!