The specialists of the school libraries of the Department of education of the Iliiskiy district of the Almatinskaya region went through the courses of qualification upgrading in librarianship on the basis of the Scientific-methodological school of the National library of the RK.  

The librarians received the multi-sided information about the modern informational-bibliographical servicing of readers, about the modules of the library-informational automated programme Web-RABIS, about the new trends and the ways of replenishing the book fond, about the scientific and technical formation of the reference-search apparatus, the rules of preparation of the bibliographical records, the conservation and restoration of written documents, the peculiarities of cataloguization of the national editions etc.

Director of National library of the RK Ospanova B.K. handed to the listeners the Certificates about the passing of the Course of qualification upgrading.

The school librarians thanked the collective and the leaders of the National library of the RK and expressed readiness for further cooperation.

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