In March, 1935 there within the framework of the State public library was opened the Cabinet of library study. Its task was the scientific-methodological guidance of the libraries of the KazASSR, implemented in close contact with the Library department of the KazNarkompros. 

As for today the Hall of library study bears the name of R.A. Berdigaliyeva – the director of the library from 1987 to 2003, the Honored worker of Kazakhstan, the excellent worker in the sphere of librarianship, the candidate of science (history), president of the Library association of the RK  the Hall of librarianship is the site for the methodological provision of the library activity and it is conducive to the work of National library and the libraries of the republic.

There in the Hall of librarianship are implemented: the informational messages about the main events in the library life of the country; there are rendered the services for teaching librarians, the heightening of the qualification, assisting their non-stop education; the consultation and practical assistance to the librarians in mastering the innovations in the library business.

The purpose of the Hall of librarianship is the rendering of the professional scientific-methodological help to the library workers, the teachers, the students of the higher educational establishments and the students of the colleges who study by the speciality of “Library business”.

The data-base of “Library business” is constantly replenished with the topical articles from the newly come professional editions.

There in the fond of the Hall are presented the professional editions of National library of the RK: the collections “Library study. Bibliography. Book study”, “Library law”, the bibliographical indices about the prominent figures, poets and writers of Kazakhstan, “The calendars of prominent and memorable dates”, the informational-analytical review “The libraries of Kazakhstan: facts and figures”, the journal “Book and Library”, the literature and periodical editions in the librarianship business of Russia, the reference editions and dictionaries.           

National library of the RK is the Study-practical centre of education and qualification upgrading of the students and specialists of the libraries, in which there are organically combined the theoretical and practical studying. There in the Hall of librarianship after R.A. Berdigaliyeva is created the chair of “Library study and bibliography”, where there are regularly held the studies for the students  of the KazNU after Al-Farabi and the Kazakh national women’s pedagogical university who study by the speciality of “Librarianship” by the type of dual education .