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There in the reading hall after Oraz Zhandosov is organized the book exhibition «Rakhmet sagan, Uly dala eli!», dedicated to the Thanksgiving Day in Kazakhstan.

On March 1 Kazakhstan marks the Thanksgiving Day. This year it is especially notable in connection with the celebration of the 30-th anniversary of independence of the Republic. With the gaining of independence Kazakhstan opens the new pages of its history.

On January 14, 2016 the First President of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev announced the new holiday «Thanksgiving Day» on the Day of formation of the Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan – March 1.

Thanksgiving Day is the day of spiritual traditions, mercy and open soul, readiness to share and help each other, like our people did during the years of the repressions and the deportations. During the Stolypin’s reforms there to the country were deported the whole ethnoses. The people of different nationalities were unloaded from the wagons right in the bare steppe, and the Kazakh families which themselves were in extreme poverty, accepted them to their houses. 

Then holiday became the great day of Kazakhstani patriotism, friendship, cultural variety. Because each of the more than one hundred and thirty nationalities living in Kazakhstan have their unique peculiarities and gives the unique advantage of our single nation. There in Kazakhstan during the years of independence not a single nation lost their language. We carefully keep and create all the possibilities for the development of culture for all the ethnical groups. Kazakhstan became the territory free from national conflicts. The economic and social-political reforms were successfully implemented thanks to the inter-ethnical quietude and harmony.

The purpose of the holiday is the upbringing of the feeling of tolerance of the growing generation, respect and amicability to each other, and also the strengthening of inter-national agreement and life in Kazakhstan.     

There at the book exhibition «Rakhmet sagan, Uly dala eli!» from the fond of National library of the RK are widely represented the books and copies from the periodical editions where there are published the articles of Kazakhstani and foreign authors, discloses the history, deportation and modern life of Kazakhstanis of different nationalities, their culture, traditions, rites and art.

                We invite you to the book exhibition!