There in the reading hall after Oraz Zhandosov of the Service “Kazakstan kitaptary” is organized the book exhibition “San kyrly kalamger”, dedicated to the centenary of the birth of the well-known Kazakh poetess, the people’s writer of the Kazakh SSR, doctor of science (philology), literary expert Tursynkhan Abdrakhmanova.

Tursynkhan Abdrakhmanova was born on November 5, 1921 in the settlement of the Boko mine of the Zharminskiy district of the Semipalatinskiy region. She began her labour activity in 1941 as a teacher, after that she worked as director of the school. After that for several years she was at the Komsomol and party work.

In 1959 T. Abdrakhmanova  graduated from the Kazakh state university after S.M. Kirov, in 1962 – the post-graduate course in that same university. She successfully defends the candidate dissertation by the theme: “The lyrics of Ilyas Zhansugurov”, in 1981 – the doctoral dissertation by the theme “The poetics of  K. Amanzholov and its continuous links with the modern Kazakh lyrics”. She worked in the State committee of the Council of Ministers for print, in the Presidium of the Academy of sciences of the Kazakh SSR.

She was awarded with the order of “Badge of Honour”, the medals “For the valorous labour in the Great Patriotic war of 1941-1945”, “For labour excellence” and the diplomas. She is the winner of the prize after Chokan Ualikhanov. For the outstanding merits in the development of Kazakh literature there by the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Kaz.SSR she was awarded the honorary title of “The people’s writer of the Kazakh SSR” (1984).

There into the Kazakh literature T. Abdrakhmanova came in the middle of the 1950-s and demonstrated herself as talented, peculiar poetess. She is the author of more than twenty collections of verses in the Kazakh and Russian languages. The first book of verses “The song” saw the light in 1959. Her poetry introduces one into the world of feelings and emotions of woman: the inexhaustible love of life, the lightness of the soul and the huge industriousness. A considerable part of her poetical creative activity consists of the landscape lyrics, the description of native nature.

Abdrakhmanova also showed herself as the translator also. There into the Kazakh language she translated the novel of M. Stelmakh “Human blood is not water” and the short novel of Eugene Yungi “The immortal ship”. There in the golden fond of Kazakh radio are recorded approximately fifty folk and modern songs performed by T. Abdrakhmanova.

The fond of National library of the RK keeps approximately 200 materials about the life and creative activity of T. Abdrakhmanova: the scientific monographs and articles, the collections of verses, the translations, the notes and essays, published in different years on the pages of the periodical press. The purpose of the book exhibition is the acquaintance with the life and creative activity of the people’s writer of Kazakhstan T. Abdrakhmanova and also the attraction of the readers’ attention to the well-known personality.

The book exhibition “San kyrly kalamger” reflects the materials dedicated to the life activity of T. Abdrakhamnova: the encyclopaedias, the biographical reference materials and literature about her. Also there are given the materials about her scientific activity. She is the author of the two large monographs: “The lyrics of Iliyas Zhansugurov” and “The poetics of Kasym Amanzholov”; the co-author of the large collective works in the Kazakh literature study published by the publishing house “Nauka” of the Academy of sciences of Kazakhstan; scientific and critical articles.

After that the exhibition acquaints the reader with the creative activity of T.Abdrakhmanova: “The song” (1959), “Song after song” (1962), “Do you know them?” (1963), “The taking off” (1966), “My soul – the pigeon” (1968), “The white ray” (1971), “The key” (1972), “The virility” (1974), “Tenderness” (1975), “The casket of pearls” (1975) and her translations. The best verses and poems of the poetess are translated into many languages of the world.     

We invite everybody to the book exhibition!

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