There in the reading-hall of the Service of periodical editions is organized the exhibition “Aiel alemy”, dedicated to the International women’s day March 8.

This day is deemed to be the day of international solidarity of women in the fight for the economic, social and political equality. The decision about the annual celebration of the International women’s day was accepted at the 2-nd International conference of socialist women in Copenhagen city in 1910 by the proposal of K. Tsetkin. For the first time it was carried out in 1911 in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Denmark; in Russia – in 1913 in Petersburg. In all the countries the women carry out the Day of March 8, as the day of solidarity in the fight for peace, for the rights of women and social progress under the slogans which come out of the concrete conditions and situation.

There at the exhibition are presented the oldest magazines: “Krestyanka” (1925-1930), “Rabotnitsa” (1931-1933), “Moda” (1937-1980) and others and also the domestic journals “Kazakstan aiyeldery” (1956-1966), “Madeniyet zhane turmys” (1958), which acquaint us with the women of that epoch and invoke the nostalgic feelings, creating the link with something beautiful.

The materials to the exhibition are taken from the fond of National library of the RK.

We invite everybody to the exhibition