The National library of the RK became in 1992 a full member of the InternationalFederation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) which includes approximately 1680 organizations from 150 countries of the world. IFLA concentrates the modern and innovational ideas of librarianship, this is the professional communication and exchange of experience, the solution of systemic tasks and integration purposes. For the first time the foreign colleagues learned about the libraries of Kazakhstan at the General IFLA session in New-Delhi in 1992 from the report named “The ethno-sociological problems of reading in Kazakhstan” made by Berdigaliyeva R.A. (Director-General of the NLRK from 1987 to 2003). In February, 1995 there in Almaty city by the initiative of the NLRK was organized the exit session of the Executive bureau of the IFLA, in the work of which there participated President Robert Wedgeworth and General Secretary Leo Voogt.

   The National library of the RK is a permanent participant at the annual General conference of the IFLA. Director-General of the NLRK Issakhov O.I., First Deputy Director-General Balabekova G.K. participated in the work of the 76-th General conference, IFLA Council and the Conference of Directors of National Libraries (Goteborg city, Sweden). The theme of the conference “Open access to knowledge – development of sustainable progress”.

   Director-General of the National library of the RK O.Issakhov signed the Agreement with the Director of the IFLA/PAC (Preservation and Conservation) Core Programme Christian Baryla on the creation of the PAC Regional Centre for Central Asia covering the following geographical area: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. The Agreement is valid till December 31, 2009.

   On August 16, 2013 there took place the annual IFLA conference which took place in Singapore. 
   The general theme of the conference – “Future libraries: infinite possibilities” demonstrates the optimistic view for the prospects of development of modern libraries on the basis of the use of modern technologies and other library innovations. There at the enlarged session of the IFLA Standing Committee of “CIS Caucus” the speech was delivered by Director-General of the National library of the RK by the following theme: “The international activity of the National library of the Republic of Kazakhstan”.

   Also there at the Conference was elected the new IFLA President for  2013-2015 – Mrs. Sinikka Sipila.
   One can get more detailed information about the work and the news of the Congress, have access to the materials of the sessions (including the Russian language), the interviews, photographs, videos, blogs etc. in the Internet – “IFLA 2013 in the interactive regime.” 
   The next IFLA General Conference will take place in August, 2014 in Lyon city, France.

   The address of the IFLA site –

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