Libraries Of Kazakhstan – 2017. Facts and figures: Information and analytical collection / national library of Kazakhstan; comp.: G. G. Iskakova, 
L. B. Abdrakhmanov, A. N. Shulembaeva; resp. ed. 
G. A. Makhanbetova.– Almaty, 2018.-70. 

The analytical collection is based on the reports of public libraries of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the electronic database "Libraries of Kazakhstan: facts and figures" for 2017, presented on the website ( National library of Kazakhstan. 
The publication is a collection of statistical and analytical materials on the state and development of library science in the National library of Kazakhstan, the National academic library in Astana and regional universal scientific libraries of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The appendices provide comparative tables of the main indicators of the state public libraries of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2016-2017.               
The collection is addressed to library workers, researchers, students of universities and colleges.


In the magazine "Kitap&Kitaphana" you will find scientific, practical and analytical articles on the problems of book and library Affairs of the Republic in three languages: Kazakh, Russian and English.

Topics of this publication: book and society, modern library, innovation, information and communication technologies, education and profession, children and reading, the world of bibliography, news-info. 
Dear colleagues! We invite You to take an active part in the issue of the journal, providing materials for publication: on a wide range of problems about the theory and history of library science, advanced achievements in this area that will be of interest not only to specialists of the book industry, but also to a wide range of readers.
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