photo5932887610617866737The workers of the Service of restoration, conservation and binding of National library of the Republic of Kazakhstan were at the excursion at the Scientific-restoration laboratory named “The island of Crimea” where they were acquainted with the conservation and reconstruction works being carried out.

Krym Altynbekov, the founder of the SRL “The island of Crimea”, is well-known in the country as well as beyond its limits, and he is the innovator in the sphere of revival of the masterpieces of ancient civilizations destroyed by time. He is the author of the complex scientific reconstructions of  “The golden man”, the Sarmat leader, the Horses from Berel, the Sak leader, the Sarmat priestess and others  which became the national destiny and the symbols of Independent Kazakhstan.

The young restorers were influenced by the ideas and stories of the teacher and wished him creative inspiration and many years of life.

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