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On January 10, 2020 there in the hall after N.Dauletova of National library of the Republic of Kazakhstan of the Ministry of culture and sport of the Republic of Kazakhstan took place the presentation of the book of Lyudmila Eniseyeva-Varshavskaya “Calculated and checked by me finally!!!”.


The activity was opened by director of National library of the RK Ospanova Bakytzhamal Kairbekovna who gave the word to the moderator – head of the Association of Jewish national organizations “Mitsva” Baron Alexander Iosifovich.

There at the activity also spoke the member of the Union of theatre figures and the Union of cinematographists Adolf Alfonsovich Artsishevskiy, vice-president of the Euro-Asiatic geographical society Bayandin Beibut Kabdenovich and others. The speakers narrated in detail about the book “Calculated and checked by me finally!!!”and expressed their warm wishes.

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