SharmanovThere in the hall for scientific workers after U.M.Sultangazin is organized the book exhibition named Otandyk tamaktanu zhuiyesinyn akademigy dedicated to the 90-th birthday of the honored figure of Kazakhstan, winner of the State prize of the RK, academician of the Russian academy of medical sciences, academician of the NAS of the RK Toregeldy Sharmanovich Sharmanov.


Sharmanov Toregeldy Sharmanovich was born on October 19, 1930 in the village of Ulytau of the Karagandinskaya region. In 1955 he graduated from the Karagandinskiy state medical institute. In 1955-1958 he studied at the post-graduate course there. In 1961 he defended the candidate dissertation by the theme: “The materials for experimental studying of the influence of sintomicin and levomicin upon blood” and in 1968 – the doctoral dissertation by the theme “The hypovitaminosis C in Kazakhstan and its influence upon the immunobiological reactivity of the organism in brucellosis”.

T.Sharmanov began his labour activity in 1958 as chief doctor of the Ulytau central district hospital, in 1962-1968 – head of the department of nutrition at the scientific-research institute of regional pathology of the Ministry of healthcare of the Kaz.SSR, in 1968-1971 – head of the chair of pharmacology, rector of the Aktyubinsk state medical institute, in 1971-1982 – the minister of healthcare of the Kaz.SSR, in 1973-1984 – director of the Institute of regional problems of nutrition of the AMS of the USSR, in 1985-1988 – head of the chair of the Central institute of qualification upgrading of doctors of the Ministry of healthcare of the USSR, in 1988 – director of the Institute of regional problems of nutrition, from 1994 – president of the JSC “The institute of nutrition of the RK”.

In 1995 – president of the Academy of prophylactic medicine of the RK, in 1996 – co-chairman, honorary co-chairman of the public movement “Azamat”, in 2000-2001 – vice-president , president of the Association of scientific and technological organizations of the RK.

A considerable contribution of academician T.Sharmanov into the world and domestic healthcare was the carrying out by his initiative in 1978 in Alma-Ata city of the International conference for primary medical-sanitary assistance under the aegis of the WHO and UNICEF. There at the conference was adopted the Alma-Atinskaya declaration which is one of the foundation documents in the world healthcare. There in the declaration was explained the conception of organization of the national system of primary medical-sanitary assistance.

T.Sharmanov is the founder of the school of nutrition specialists in Kazakhstan and the republics of Central Asia. He is the author of the scientific work “The national policy of nutrition in the Republic of Kazakhstan” (1996), member of the Committee of experts of the WHO on nutrition and other public organizations of Kazakhstan and abroad. Deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the Kaz.SSR of the 8-10 convocations. Candidate to the deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the Kaz.SSR of the 12-th convocation (1990). He was elected three times as the deputy to the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

There under the scientific leadership of T.Sharmanov were defended 44 doctoral and 170 candidate dissertations. The author of more than 360 publications, from among which there are 22 monographs: “Nourishment and health” (1974), “Protein nourishment and vitamin C” (1977), ”Vitamin A and protein nourishment” (1978), ”Health protection in Kazakhstan” (1978), “The economics of health protection and the prospects of the state service of protection of health in Kazakhstan” (2000), ”The world health protection before and after the Great Alma-Atinskaya conference” (2003) and others. He has 26 author’s certificates for inventions and patents.

For the scientific activity T.Sharmanov is awarded with the orders of the October revolution (1976), Friendship of the peoples (1980), Parasat (1996), Dostyk of the I-st degree (2010), Barys (2016) and also with the order after Akhmet Baitursynov and the medals “For labor valience” (1969), “In honour of the centenary from the day of birth of V.I. Lenin”. The highest award of the WHO for the outstanding contribution into the world healthcare – the medal after Leon Bernard (2005). The winner of the State prize of the RK (2001, 2019). The honorary citizen of Almaty city.

There at the book exhibition “Otandyk tamaktanu zhuiyesinyn akademigy” out of the fond of the National library of the RK are presented the materials about the life and activity of Toregeldy Sharmanov, his scientific works, articles and also the recollections of the scientists upon the pages of the periodical press.

We invite everybody to the book exhibition!

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