There in the reading hall after Oraz Zhandosov is organized the book exhibition “Tauyelsizdyk – mangilik eldyn tugyry”.

This year the Kazakhstani people will be celebrating the important event – the 30-th anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan. With the gaining of independence Kazakhstan opens the new pages of its history. Peace and concordance in the multinational society are the main core of the modern Kazakhstani reality, which are based upon the active and aligned work of the state organs, the accretive activity of the citizens.

The Kazakhstani statehood of the modern type which is in conformity with the national interests and the challenges of the III-rd millennium, was formed between the 1990-2000-s. The historical significance of this most important period is in that during these decades Kazakhstan together with the First President N.A. Nazarbayev, the genuine founder of  the modern state, went through the hard way from announcing independence to the real state sovereignty. There upon the historical arena came out the new independent state – full member, the subject of world politics, member of the United Nations Organization. Kazakhstan borders with the Russian Federation, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and China. It has water boundaries with Azerbaijan and Iran.    

On June 4, 1992 there were approved the State symbols of Kazakhstan: the Coat-of-Arms, the Flag as an especial sign of originality, independence, statehood and the Hymn which embodies unity. There by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated October 29, 1993 there was introduced into the circulation on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan the national currency – Tenge.

The first state act is “The Declaration about the state sovereignty of the Republic of Kazakhstan”. On January 23, 1993 there was approved the First Constitution of sovereign Kazakhstan. On August 30, 1995 there took place the All-National referendum, at which more than 90% of the participating citizens voted for the new Constitution. The sovereign Kazakhstan was declared to be the democratic, secular, social-legal and unitary state for which man, his life, rights and freedoms are the main value.

The first Constitution of sovereign Kazakhstan as the act of the highest juridical force, laid the basis for the construction of the national-state sovereignty. The independence of the country opened the limitless opportunities for the genuine spiritual revival of the people of Kazakhstan. After the centuries and decades of oblivion there to the people were returned the names and relics, there was revived the state Kazakh language. 

During this period there in the republic took place the memorable activities about the historical events, the commemoration and honoring of the outstanding figures of the national history of the great Kazakh biys – Tole-bi, Kazybek-bi, Aiteke-bi; the repressed figures of Kazakhstan – T.Ryskulov, S.Khodzhanov, S.Seifullin, I.Dzhansugurov, the heroes of the December events and others the croiwn of which are the activities carried out last year at the  high international level dedicated to the celebration of the 175-th jubilee of the poet, public figure Abai Kunanbayev, the 1150-th birthday of the great thinker Al-Farabi, the 750-th anniversary of the Altyn Orda.

On the eve of the 30-th anniversary of its independence Kazakhstan, passing through the multiple trials, today firmly stands on its legs and looks into the future with confidence.

There at the book exhibition “Tauyelsizdyk – mangilik eldyn tugyry” are presented the materials from the fond of National library of the RK dedicated to the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan. There are widely presented the books of the Kazakhstani and foreign authors, disclosing the achievements of the republic in the sphere of science and technology, international relations, economics and politics from the moment of gaining independence and up to the present time.


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