There in the reading hall after Oraz Zhandosov is organized the book exhibition for the 30-th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan «The state programme «Madeni Mura».

There in 2004 aws approved the State programme of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Madeni mura”. The purpose of the programme is the studying, revival and preservation of the historical-cultural heritage of the country, the revival of the historical-cultural traditions, the propagation of the cultural heritage of Kazakhstan abroad. The given programme is the strategical national project which determines qualitatively the new approaches for the carrying out of the state cultural politics.

The wide-scale book exhibition numbers more than 1000 copies of books and other materials. The books are situated in 16 sections: “Folklore studies, literature-study and art-study, the history of Kazakh literature”, “Fiction, the Library of world literature”, “History and ethnography”, “Archeology, history and monuments of culture”, “Philosophy”, “Psychology”, “Political studies”, “Cultural studies”, “Sociology”, “Juridical sciences”, “Linguistics”, “Encyclopaedic and reference literature”, “Visual art”, “Economic sciences”, “Archives and librarianship” and “Oriental studies”. Each of the sections includes the series of editions by the issues of history and culture of Kazakhstan, the series pertaining to the “Alash-Orda” movement, “The history of Kazakh art”, the collection “Abu-Nasyr Al-Farabi” in 10 volumes, the collection of works of Chokan Ualikhanov in 6 volumes, A.Kh. Margulan in 12 volumes and others. Among them the unique series “Babalar sozi” in 100 volumes, “The library of world literature”, “The history of Kazakh literature”, “The philosophical heritage of the Kazakh people from ancient times to our days”, “The world cultural study thought”, “The world philosophical heritage”.

The National library of the RK is the Depositary of literature of the State programme “Madeni mura” where there is collected 34 847 copies of literature in 36 series. There within the framework of the programme the specialists of National library of the RK in 2005-2007 carried out the scientific-search work for the detection of the written sources in the libraries and archives of the near and distant foreign countries and for the acquisition of their copies. The work of the expeditions was carried out in China, Turkey, Mongolia, Russia, Japan, Egypt, Uzbekistan, Armenia, and also in the USA, the countries of Western Europe and was carried out in the following trends: 

The Kazakh book, manuscripts, the largest bibliographical indices and catalogues for Central Asia and Kazakhstan;

The fundamental historical works, the documents of the archives;

The modern foreign historiography of Kazakhstan, the materials of scientific conferences, articles of scientific journals of the XIX – beginning of the XX-th cc.;

The literature of travelers, maps, engravings and artifacts.

There at the exhibition are also presented the copies of documents in different branches of knowledge in many languages of the world, which have historical significance in the cultural heritage of the Kazakh people, the copies of the letters of the heirs of the founder of the Mongol empire Chinghiz-khan, acquired in the library of Vatican (Italy) and the manuscripts about the Tartar-Mongol empire from the fond of the Italian prince Borgeze (the IV-th c.) and others. There in the foreign scientific-search expeditions by the library was acquired 1 126 copies of rare editions and copies of documents.

The state programme “Madeni mura” opened to the whole world and collected in the republic the riches of national spiritual thesaurus of the Kazakhstani people.

             We invite everybody to the book exhibition!

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