On June 9 at 11:00 hours there in the hall after N. Dauletova took place the presentation of the books of the poet, composer, figure of culture of the RK Abdigani Bazilkhanuly “Talant, talgam, tagzym”.

The book “Talant, talgam, tagzym” is dedicated to the life and creative activity of the singer-termeshi, poet, composer Magauyi Baimukametuly, where there are collected the recollections and meditations of his pupil. There is also given the multi-sided analysis and there is given the estimate to the creative activity of the figure of art.

There through the recollections one can get the valuable, important data about art and life, traditions and world outlook, national identity and uniqueness of the Kazakhs in China in the last century. The book is designed for the wide reader.

Magauiya Baimukametuly (1956-2017) was born in the village of Zhyrgalan of the Toguztarauskiy district of the Ili-Kazakh autonomous region of the PRC in the rich family. In different years he worked as a teacher in the primary school of the village Zhyrgalan, as the head of the rural House of culture, specialist and head of the Toguztarauskiy district Palace of culture. He is the termeshi of the state rank of the PRC, the artiste of the state 3-rd rank, the honored termeshi of the Iliyskiy Kazakhskiy autonomous region, professor of the Iliyskiy pedagogical university.

The activity was opened by the scientific secretary of National library of the RK Zhunisbekov Bolat Zhunisbekuly, the moderator was the journalist, scenario-writer Zharkyn Salenuly.

There in the ribbon-cutting ceremony participated N. Mukhametkhanuly, Zh.Enkebaiuly, T.Zamenuly, K.Talimuly, S.Akramuly.

There at the activity spoke: doctor of science (history), professor Nabizhan Mukhametkhanuly, Chairman of the Public council of the Talgar district Zhumakhan Enkebaiuly, the kyuishi-researcher, the former head of the Derpartment of culture of the Iliskaya region Taukhiddin Zamenuly, the poet, the honored citizen of the Talgar district Kaminur Talimuly, the well-known polityician , public figure Rakhim Aiypuly, the head of the Department of culture and development of languages of the Talgarskiy district Farida Mamyrbekkyzy, the poet, figure of culture of the RK Serik Akramuly, the well-known poet, teacher of the KazNU Murat Shaimaran, the poet, the excellent worker of culture of the RK Abdigani Bazylkhanuly.

There within the framework of the activity in the performance of the traditional singers, the honored artistes of the RK Erkin Shukiman and Nurzhan Zhanpeyisov were performed the terme of Magauyi Baimukametuly.

In completion of the activity the author donated his books with the autograph to the participants of the activity.

The participants: the literary workers-historians, the art experts-singers, the descendants and mass-media representatives.

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