ИКThere in the hall of periodical editions is organized the exhibition dedicated to the 90-th anniversary of the Karagandinskaya regional newspaper “Industrialnaya Karaganda”.

The state regional newspaper “Industrialnaya Karaganda” is published from September 11, 1931 and is one of the most popular in Karaganda city. The first numbers of the newspaper of 1931 were published under the title “Bolshevistskaya koсhegarka”, it was published twice a week with the circulation of 5 thousand copies. Due to the absence of the building of the editorial office, and the city itself at that time (Karaganda in those times represented the workers’ settlements at the mines) the first times were published in the wagon, in the dead-end of the railway, near the overpass of the first mine.

In 1932-1935 the newspaper was published under the title of “Karagandinskaya kommuna”. In those years the newspaper informs about the innovation of the miner from Donetsk Nikita Izotov, the record coal output by Alexei Stakhanov. Thanks to the newspaper became famous the names of the Stakhanov-records-workers T.Kuzembayev, K.Baituganov, A.Topayev.

Beginning from September 14, 1936 in connection with the organization of the region with the centre in Karaganda city, the newspaper came out titled – “Socialistisheskaya Karaganda”, and from May, 1963 it comes out as “Industrialnaya Karaganda”. During the years of the five-year periods the newspaper carries out great organizational work in the propagation of striking labor, the Stakhanov movement, the newspaper made a giant contribution into the establishment of the new coal base of the republic – the Karagandinskiy basin.

During the years of the Great Patriotic war the newspaper mobilized the miners for selfless labour in the name of the victory over the enemy, there was organized the collection of the means for the construction of the tank column named “Ther Komsomol of Karaganda”, the aircraft “Nurken Abdirov”, the military air unit “The Karaganda women”. In the after-war years the newspaper called to the working people to the mastering of the virgin and primordial lands, to the construction of the channel Irtysh-Karaganda, the well-equipment of the satellite cities of Karaganda – the regional centre. There during the building of the most important objects of the Kazakhstani Magnitka worked the exit editorial staffs.

Today “Industrialka” as the readers call it habitually for the 90 years, in detail and operatively highlight the important events and the problems of the region, narrates about interesting people and outstanding countrymen and three times a week makes its readers glad with the fresh numbers, there in the materials of “Industrialnaya Karaganda” are reflected the events of the cultural life of the region, the achievements in education, healthcare, in physical culture and sport, there are highlighted the issues of literature and art, the problems of protection of nature. From 2020 the newspaper entered the media-holding “Saryarqa Aqparat”.

In 2021 the first numbers of the newspaper went out in the new D2-format.

The newspaper “Industrialnaya Karaganda” is still needed and is widespread in the whole of the republic, it comes out three times a week with the circulation of 17 thousand copies.

In the year of its 50-th anniversary “Industrialnaya Karaganda” was awarded the high award – the Order of the Labour Red Banner. The collective of the editorial office of “Industrialnaya Karaganda” is represented by the best journalistic and etchnical cadres, the newspaper has many authors including those abroad. The best rubrics of the readers still remain “Neotlozhka”, “Dar slova”, “Chas pisma”, “Peremena” and others.

There at the exhibition are presented the first and jubilee numbers, the articles of well-known writers, journalists, public figures published on the pages of the newspaper. There in the reading-hall of periodical editions in free access is given the electronic format of the newspaper “Industrialnaya Karaganda”.

                        We invite everybody to visit the exhibition!

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