ЖШOn November 9 there in the hall after N. Dauletova took place the presentation of the illustrated photo-album-book “Zhan shuak” of the veteran in photo-journalistics of Kazakhstan, winner of the International prize of Zhambyl, figure of journalistic and photo-art of Kazakhstan, photo-journalist of the Kazakh national pedagogical university after Abai Nurmanbet Kizatuly.

Nurmanbet Kizatuly is the man whose name is well-known to the Kazakh journalistics. He is the photo-correspondent, master-professional, who began his labour way in the district newspaper and left his original traits in different Kazakhstani print editions. 

The illustrated photo-album-book is the historical photo-chronicles of Kazakhstan for the last 60 years. While leafing through the photo-collections one can note that the photo-artist of unusual mastery and ability, possessing the real creative inspiration, devoted the whole of his talent to the art of photography. He is marked by his especial style, there in his photographs become live the bright moments and flashes of life of man, the surrounding world and Mother-nature, events and people and many other things.

The book is designed for the wide circle of lovers of photo-art.

The moderator was the member of the Writers’ Union of Kazakhstan, poet-published, director of International foundation of Zhambyl Manarbek Izbasar.

There in the ceremony of the ribbon-cutting participated: Marat Tokashbayev, Berikzhan Almukhambetov, Keliskhan Temirbekuly.

There at the activity spoke: Marat Tokashbayev, Berikzhan Almukhambetov, Keliskhan Temirbekuly, Doktyrkhan Turlybekuly, Asylkhan Abdiraiymuly, Talgat Aitbayev, Tolymbek Alimbekuly, Bolat Sharakhymbai, Sayat Zhuryn, Ermek Abakov, Umirbek Nogaibayev, Almas Kabdikarimov and others.

Also there with the concluding word spoke the author of the photo-album, photo-journalist Nurmanbet Kizatuly.

At the conclusion of the activity the new book was given over as a gift to the fond of National library of the RK and distributed among the participants of the activity.

Participants: the well-known poets and writers, intelligentsia, photo-journalists and mass-media representatives. 

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