On November 16 there within the framework of the 30-th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Year of support of children’s and youth’s reading in Kazakhstan in the hall after N. Dauletova took place the presentation of the books for children and youth of the writer, winner of the prize of the President of the RK Beisenbai Suleimenov: the collection “Syrly alem”, the historical-cognitive fairy-tale-novel “Khan shatyrdan – Kyun shatyrga sayakhat!”, and also the fairy-tales “The gorilla-man” and “Happy birthday, Aitumsyk!”, picturesquely designed in the Kazakh, Russian and English languages.

President Kasym-Zhomart Tokayev in his article “Independence above all” specially underlined the important role of children’s literature in the heightening of the status of the native language: “The great role in the studying of the language is played by children’s literature. That’s why along with the best creations of the Kazakh writers we must start the translation, publication and wide-spreading of the best works of foreign writers. The demand for them is high”.

The purpose of the activity is the acquaintance of the children and adolescents with the active readers’ activity and the formation of the reader environment, the heightening of the culture of reading, the development of the interest to the book and the reader literacy.    

Each work of the writer is marked by the originality of the stories and the gay fantasy which go to the reader’s heart. The books “Kechua taipasynyn undistery”, “Bes gasyr atylmagan sadak”, “Kuanyshty kyun”, “Tentekter”, “Khan shatyryndagy kezdesu”, “Kyunnen kelgen adam” lead the children to the world of fairy-tales, heroism, patriotism and sincere friendship.

The activity was opened by the worker of the Service of exhibitions and cultural programmes of National library of the RK Karabayev Kurmet Kabdilkhalykovich. The moderator was the well-known satirist, winner of the International literary prize “Alash”, the  presidential prize and the holder of the order “Parasat” Kopen Amirbek.

There in the ribbon-cutting ceremony participated: Klara Kabylgazina, Dyuisen Maglumov, Kudiyar Bilal.  

There at the activity spoke: Nurdaulet Akysh, Arman Kalbekov, Zhaksylyk Zhyunisov,Talgat Aitbai, Gani Smakhanuly.

At the conclusion of the activity the new book was given over to the fond of National library of the RK and the honorary guests, participants and the pupils.

Participants: representatives of creative intelligentsia, poets and writers, pupils, journalists etc.

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