On November 15 there within the framework of the celebration of the 30-th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan director of the publishing house “Karasai” Company Ltd. Asanbai Bolatbek Abikenovich gave as a gift to the fond of National library of the RK 170 copies of the books in the Kazakh and Russian languages.

The thematic of the donated books embraces all the spheres of knowledge and makes great contribution in the replenishing of the book fond. From among them one can indicate the books which enjoy especial demand with the readers: “The classical mechanics. The collection of tasks” by S. Samayev and Zh.M. Aidarbekov,

“The general physics” of M. Kulbekuly, “The economic theory” by M.D. Iskaliyev, “Traumatology” by O.A. Abdrazakov and others.

We are sure that the donated books will be interesting for the readers and will enjoy popularity among them.

National library of the Republic of Kazakhstan expresses huge gratitude and acknowledgement to director of the publishing house “Karasai” Company Ltd. Asanbayev Bolatbek Abikenovich.

Асанбаев Б   Асанбаев Б Ә