Head of service:

Barmanasheva Zhanat Abilkasimovna

The contact telephone: +7-727-272-16-04

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The information about the department:

The department forms the fond of electronic documents (the priority being the national fond); provides the coordination of works for the formation of the electronic library in the NLRK and the organization of access to the electronic documents.  The digitization of the book and other editions is made by the following categories:

The unique and frequently requested editions from the archival fond “Kazakhstan Kitaptary”; the rare, especially valuable and dilapidated editions from the fond of rare books and manuscripts; the musical pieces and scores, articles for the bibliographical data-base “Kazakhstan: the past & the present”. 

There within the department functions the Studio for the creation of images, the basis of which is the large-format scanner “TTI Repro-Graphic Workstation 3040” of the “Zeutschell” German company with a very high resolution capability. So far the Studio has digitized the newspapers “Kazak”, ”Enbekshi Kazak” and at the present time there is being digitized the newspaper “Socialdy Kazakhstan”.

The main functions:

- The digitization of documents from the fond of the National library of the RK in accordance with the joint plan for the digitization of the specialized fonds;

- The conclusion of agreements with the authors about the acquisition of the copyrights for the usage of the electronic versions of printed works;

- The search and lending of electronic documents freely placed in the Internet;

- The preservation and storage in the archives of the electronic documents;

The Department implements the works for the creation of electronic libraries within the framework of the projects:

- “Meetings at the boundaries”;

- “The modern literature of Kazakhstan”.

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