On September 26 the National library of the RK organized the exit book exhibition within the framework of the Gala-concert of the Ensemble of singing and dancing of the National guard of the President of the RK carried out at the Theatre of traditional art «Alatau» named «Kazakstan Respublikasyna kyzmet etemyn!»

The purpose of the carrying out of the activity is the explanation to the workers of the organs of internal affairs and the soldiers of the National guard of the main postulates of the Address of the President of the RK K.K. Tokayev to the people of Kazakhstan dated September 1, 2022 named «The just state. The single nation. The prosperous society». The activity is directed at the heightening of the image of the Organs of internal affairs and the National guard, the formation of the respectable attitude of the citizens toward the workers of the departments of internal affairs and the soldiers of the National guard, the strengthening of their image in society.

There is organized the book exhibition «Menyn otanym – Kazakstan!» from the fond of National library of the RK. The head of the group of the Service «Kazakstan kitaptary» Kuttykyz Kasymbekova and the librarian Nurzhamal Sayeva carried out the review of the books presented at the book exhibition.

The guests of the concert were the student, school-pupils, the students of the military study establishments, the service people of the army parts from the Almatinskiy garrison, the representatives of the House of veterans «Shanyrak» and the House of officers of Almaty city, the veterans themselves.