In the reading room "Kazakhstan kіtaptary" at the Depository of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan in Almaty organized a book exhibition dedicated to May 1 - Day of Unity of the People of Kazakhstan.

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The Unity Day of the People of Kazakhstan is a holiday of true patriotism, devotion to their country and selfless love for the land of fathers.

The unity of the people has always been the highest asset of any country, throughout the history of mankind. In Kazakhstan, the holiday of the Unity of the People, which is celebrated on May 1, is becoming increasingly important, serving to strengthen stability, peace and harmony.

Kazakhstan is a multinational country, where more than 130 nationalities and ethnic groups live in peace and harmony. The peoples of Kazakhstan live peacefully, in mutual understanding and respect for the culture, traditions and customs of all nations and ethnic groups. The holiday of unity of the people of Kazakhstan is designed to strengthen ties, to make dialogue between representatives of different ethnic groups more open, to demonstrate the achievements of the people living in the country.

The main task of all events held on this festive day is to show the unity of the people of Kazakhstan: festive processions, fairs, sports competitions, contests, festivals, performances of representatives of cultural centers, ethno-cultural exhibitions, theatrical performances and performances of pop singers and musicians. The most striking moment of the holiday is the ethno-cultural exhibition, where one can see items of clothing, traditional utensils, jewelry, and taste dishes of different ethnic cuisines. Museums and libraries organize exhibitions devoted to the holiday and the peoples living in Kazakhstan. The holiday not only introduces the traditions and culture of other nationalities, but also aims to consolidate the nation into a whole.

From the collection of the National Library of Kazakhstan at the book exhibition are materials that reflect the history and contemporary life, development of culture, traditions and art of all ethnic groups living in Kazakhstan.

Welcome to the book exhibition!