On April 24, 2019 at 3 p.m., the E. Tursunov Film Club hosted a musical and poetic evening, "El Senimi - Zhastar", dedicated to the Year of Youth in Kazakhstan and May 1, the Day of Unity of the People of Kazakhstan.


In Kazakhstan, 2019 has been declared the Year of Youth. Every citizen should clearly understand the essence of the ongoing reforms and their importance in the development and transformation of the country. In 2019, new opportunities of personal growth and contribution to the prosperity of the native country will be opened for young Kazakhs. And everyone should get involved in the implementation of the First President's initiative in order to be a citizen of modern Kazakhstan.

May 1 - the Day of Unity of the People of Kazakhstan - is a holiday of friendship, understanding and consent of the people. Thanks to tolerance and established dialogue of cultures, today Kazakhstan is known for the fact that people of different nationalities live amicably in our country.

The organizers of the musical-poetic evening were the youth of the National Library of Kazakhstan and the Republican youth organization "Zharasym" with the support of KSU "Kogamdyk kelisim" and the administration of the akim of Almaty.

The event was attended by young Kazakh poets, winners of the international festival "Shabyt" Dinara Malik and Asel Nazaraly, students of Kaskelen College of culture, readers of the library and students of the school № 139 named after A. Baitursynov Almaty. Verses of Kazakh authors and musical numbers were performed by the participants. The youth of the republican youth organization "Zhar asym" took an active part. They performed poems about Kazakhstan in Uzbek, Uigur and Turkish languages, dances of different nations, including Uigur, Uzbek and Dungan.

The event ended with the presentation of letters of appreciation and donation of books to all the participants of the evening.

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