On April 23, 2019, as part of the Kitap Shoy-2019 World Book and Copyright Day, a book exhibition "World Literature in the National Library of Kazakhstan" and from the collection of rare books and manuscripts "Antiquity of the Deepest Antiquity" will be held in the central foyer of the library.

      111213The main purpose of the book exhibition - to popularize books and reading in different languages of the world, to reveal the richness of the library fund, to attract the attention of readers and stimulate interest in reading the world and domestic modern literature.

The book exhibition offers collections of Latin, Korean, Russian, French, Polish, German, Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, Czech, Turkish, Italian, and Japanese literature.

The collection of rare books and manuscripts offers books published in European and Eastern countries in the 16th-19th centuries. Erasmus of Rotterdam "The Praise of Folly" (1523), Torquato Tasso "Liberated" (1588), Galileo Galilei "Dialogue on the Two Ptolemaic and Copernican World Systems" (1635), encyclopedia in 38 volumes "Dong munhon bigo" and much more.

The collection of world literature can be divided into several typological groups: memoirs, natural and scientific, fiction, historical, books of famous travelers, art albums, etc.  This is not just a collection of textual material, but a unique and distinctive information resource. The collection is a good addition to the Western European collections of the library.

The collection of French literature is a peculiar panorama of French life.  One of the interesting books is the work on geometry by the French mathematician Ozanam, published in 1685, as well as unique editions of Homere "Les Auteurs Grecs" 1858, Payen M. "Chimie organique" 1842.

The Polish collection reflects Polish history, philosophy, mathematics, and culture. It is represented by Adama Mickiewicza's Poezye of 1888 and Pana Naszego's Iezusa Christusa of 1819.

The Korean collection of the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan contains more than 300 titles of books and other printed and manuscript materials of the 18th-19th centuries, amounting to about one thousand items.  The Czech collection consists of rare editions of Nestoruv "Letopis Rusky" from 1867. The Persian collection includes a unique edition of "Kitab al-ifsah an-maani as-sykhah".

The creative heritage of the writers of Kazakhstan, which includes poems, novels, poems, can be rightfully attributed to the priceless treasury of world literature. Many famous works have already been translated into foreign languages.    The world heritage of such classics of Kazakh literature as Mukhtar Auezov, Abay Kunanbaev, Olzhas Suleimenov and other writers is an extremely important source of accumulation, comprehension and deepening of knowledge of the history of Kazakh literature, modern trends in the development of Kazakh literary studies in the languages of the world.

The exhibition presents literature of more than 350 book titles in many languages of the world. Presented works are the leaders of book sales, recognized books of the year, and winners of various literary awards.

Welcome to the book exhibition!