The head of the department:

Bekseitova Tursynkul Beisenovna

The contact telephone: +7-727-267-28-49

e-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

The main trends:

- The organization of the work for the registration and re-registration of users to the library in accordance with “The rules of use of the National library of the RK”;

- The implementation of the control over the entry and exit of users in accordance with the regime of work of the library. 

The main functions:

- the acquaintance of users with “The rules of use of the National library of the RK”;

- the issuance and checking of the control sheets upon exit about the availability of the mark of return of the literature;

- the studying of the qualitative composition of the users by education, by type of occupation, by age, by gender;

- the maintenance of the data-base “The reader of the National library of the RK” in the electronic and card catalogues;

- the coordination of the work jointly with the Security-Fire service upon the control over the non-sanctioned access to the National library of the RK;

- the introductory acquaintance of new readers with the resources and services of the National library of the RK;

- the provision of operative and exhaustive information by readers’ requests, the place where the requested literature or service is situated;   

- the execution of oral references and consultations by telephone. 

There enter into the structure of the Service the following functional sections: 

- the section for registration and re-registration of readers;

- the control point and registration of readers;

- the information bureau.