National library of the Republic of Kazakhstan (NLRK) from December 2022 is approved by the National registration agency ISIL of the Republic of  Kazakhstan and is included into the official list. The function of the National agency is in giving the library codes to all the libraries of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

ISIL (the international standard identifier for the libraries and organizations related with them) can be given to the library, museum, archive or related organization. The ISIL-code is presented in the standard ISO 15511 as the instrument for the integration of the organizations into the single world system for exchange of information. The ISIL-code is designed for the identification of the libraries and organizations with the purpose of simplification of access to their records, documents and services, and also to the international library data-bases (the catalogues).

There for receiving the library code one is to address:

The telephone: +7 (727) 267 28 73

The e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.