There in the reading hall of the Arts’ department is organized the book exhibition “Kazak sakhnasynyn sanlagy”, dedicated to the centenary of the people’s artiste of the Kazakh SSR, the honored figure of culture of the Kyrgyz Republic, the actress of theatre and cinema Biken Rimova.

Biken Rimova was born on January 1, 1923 in the village “Krasnyi Vostok” of the Karatalskiy district of the Taldykurganskaya region. In 1943 she finished the Almatinskiy theatre-artistic school. From 1943 and up to the end of her life she worked at the Kazakh academic theatre of drama after M.Auezov. there at the scene of this theatre she played more than 170 toles by the plays of the Kazakh and foreign dramaturgists. The most significant roles are: Enlik in “Enlik-Kebek” of M. Auezov, Korlan in “Estaidyn Korlany” of I. Orazbayev, Marzhan in “Karakoz” of M. Auezov, Kyunekei in “Kozy Korpesh – Bayan sulu” of G. Musrepov, Galiya in “The sudden meeting” of T. Akhtanov,  Maira in “Maira” of A. Tazhibayev, Elvira in “Don Zhuan or love for geometry” of M. Frish, Eliza “The greedy one” of Molier, Poshlepkin in “Revizor” of N. Gogol, Ana – Zher –ana in “The mother’s field” of Ch. Aitmatov and many others.

There along with the work at the theatre B. Rimova was shot in the cinema. She was shot in such films like “The girl and the boy”, “My name is Kozha”, “The parable about love”, “The return of the son”, “The wolf-cub among people”, “The angel in the skull-cap”, in the first domestic television serial “The cross-roads” and others. On January 6, 2000 the actress died.

Rimova showed herself as a talented memoirs-writer. There to her pen belong the creative portraits of the artistes Sabira Maikanova, Khadisha Bukeyeva, R. Koichubayeva, Sakiyeva and others. There upon the scene of the Auezovskiy theatre was staged her play “Abai-Aigerim” written by the motives of the novel of M. Auezov “The way of Abai” and others.

Also B. Rimova is the author of articles about the Kazakh theatre and two books – Enlik gyulim”, “Onerdegy onegeli omirler” in the Kazakh language. 

Rimova is the winner of the State prize of the Kazakhskaya SSR, was awarded with the orders of the USSR “Badge of Honour”, of the RK “Parasat” and multiple certificates of honour.

In August, 2000 there to the Taldykurganskiy Kazakh drama theatre was given the name of B. Rimova, there upon the wall of the building №62 in the street of Karasai batyr in Almaty city where Biken Rimova lived, is established the memorial plaque.

The purpose of the exhibition is to acquaint the readers with the life and creative activity of the people of art of Kazakhstan, underline the significance and topicality of the creative activity of the renowned artiste.

There upon the book exhibition are presented the books reflecting the unique aspects of the life and creative activity of the artiste Biken Rimova: B. Rimova “Onerdegy onegeli omirler”, “Omir belestery” (The essay), “Ak sandykty ashkanda (Biken apa turaly estelikter)”, “Kazak onery: the encyclopaedia”, “Biken Rimova: the Photo-album”, A. Bopezhanova “Sakhna saulesy”, “Kazak sakhnasynyn sheberlery”, A. Sygai “Sakhna sanlaktary”, Kundakbaiuly “Zaman zhane teatr onery”, “Almaty teatrlary”, “Almaty oblystyk Biken Rimova atyndagy drama teatry”, “Art of Almaty in personalities” and others. Also there for the readers will be of interest the interviews and tales about the life of the actress, her creative activity and actor mastery described upon the pages of the periodical editions.

                                   We invite everybody to the book exhibition!