There in the hall after Oraz Zhandosov of the Service «Kazakstan kitaptary» is organized the book exhibition «Kazakhstan derbestigi ushin kures» dedicated to the 300-th anniversary of the great disaster «Aktaban shubyryndy, Alkakol Sulama» was organized.

The years 1723-1727 remained in the memory of the Kazakh people as one of the difficult periods in their history. In 1722, after the death of the Qing Bogdyhan Kangsi, who had been at war with the Oirats for a long time,  the lull was established on the border with China, which made it possible for Tsevan-Rabtan to deliver the new powerful blow to Kazakhstan, and in the spring of 1723, the planned conquest campaign was carried out, which went down in the history of the Kazakh people as the «Years of Great Calamity» — «Aktaban shubyryndy, Alakol sulama» meaning, according to Shakarim Kudaiberdiyev's interpretation, «they walked until their soles turned white, fell down without strength, lay around the lake.» At the same time, as he wrote, the oldest Kazakh song was born - crying — joktau «Elim-ai» as the symbol of the Kazakhs' national grief about this tragedy. The Kazakhs lost about 100 thousand soldiers on the battlefield, the number of civilian casualties was many times greater. According to Khan Abylai, four out of ten people were missing. The survivors left their homeland, abandoning the cattle, property, wagons. During the years of the Great Disaster, the Kazakhs lost the rich pastures of the Semirechye, the traditional migration routes were disrupted, trade and craft centers declined, and the number of livestock sharply decreased. The battle with the Dzungars ended with the major victory of the Kazakhs in the spring of 1728. The batyrs Kabanbai, Zhanibek, Nauryzbai, Bogenbai, Yeset, Malaysary, etc. played the important role in organizing the resistance. The significant contribution to the unification of the Kazakh people at that time was made by the influential biys of the three zhuzes — Tole-biy, Kazybek-biy, Aiteke-biy.

The purpose of the exhibition is to introduce readers to the history of the most tragic periods of Kazakhstan in 1723-1727, the formation of patriotic feelings among young people and respect for the historical past of the Kazakh people.

The book exhibition «Kazakhstan derbestigi ushin kures» presents the encyclopedias and materials from the fond of the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the books about historical figures, the scientific works of historians, as well as the fiction that reflects the tragic events during the Great disaster.

         We invite you to the book exhibition!