In the O. Zhandosov reading room of the «Kazakhstan Kitaptary» Service, a book exhibition «Algys aitu – ardyn isi» was organized, dedicated to March 1 – Gratitude Day.

On March 1, the day of the formation of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, by Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated January 14, 2016, the Day of Gratitude was established.Gratitude Day is a holiday of mercy and friendship, the love of all Kazakhstanis for each other.The holiday has become a great day of Kazakhstani patriotism, friendship, and cultural diversity. After all, each of the more than one hundred and thirty ethnic groups living in Kazakhstan has its own unique feature, which gives an incomparable advantage to our united nation. Kazakhstan has become a territory free from national conflicts. Economic and socio-political reforms have been successfully carried out due to interethnic calm and harmony.

The book exhibition consists of three sections. The first section of the exhibition «Algys – rizashylyktyn asyl kasiyeti!» reflects materials about the history of the Day of Gratitude: encyclopedias, «Batalar» (1992), «Babalar kozi-danalyk kozi» (1996), «Kazaktyn bata-tilekteri men osietteri» (2007), «Kazak adebietinin tarikhy» Vol.10 (2008), «Bata – sozdin anasy» (2013), «Algys» (2019).

The second section «Kaysar rukhty kyrandar» presents books, periodicals and photographic materials that reflect the heroic and brave deeds of our Kazakhstanis, the heroism of the country's firefighters, compatriots glorifying Kazakhstan on the world stage: «Aybin» (2011), «Zhartasty zhastangan zhasak» (2018), «Kaysar rukhty kyrandar» (2014).

The third section «Yntymagi zharaskan Kazak eli» introduces readers to materials about the history and life of different ethnic groups and nationalities living on the territory of the republic. Various books and articles are presented on the pages of periodicals from the fund of the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Depository of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan in Almaty: «History and culture of the Koreans of Kazakhstan» (1995), «From the history of the Germans of Kazakhstan» (1997), «Kazakhstan – kara shanyragym» (2015), «Almaty ethnostars» (2015), «Almaty – men turatyn kala» (2016), «Menin Otanym – Kazakhstan» (2016), etc.

The purpose of the book exhibition is to contribute to the formation of citizenship and patriotism among readers, fostering a sense of love for their homeland, respect for its history and culture.

Celebrating the Day of Gratitude, Kazakhstan is a hospitable and generous state that has accepted and saved the lives of millions of displaced people in difficult times.

Gratitude Day is becoming more and more important for the citizens of our country and is becoming a more important date in the life of Kazakhstanis.

We invite you to the book exhibition!

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