Head of service:

Abikova Gulshat Masalimovna

Contact phone: +7-727-267-28-55

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The rare books and manuscripts service carries out a complex of works on acquisition, processing and storage of rare books and manuscripts and service of their readers. Employees of the service carry out research in the field of history of the Kazakh book and book studies, preparation of guides and catalogs. The basis of the scientific work of the service and the subject of study are both its fixed assets and all other rare publications stored in the NBRK.

The basis for the formation of the Department served as a collection of rare editions. At the moment, the structure of the service includes a Fund of about 40 thousand originals of rare books and manuscripts, as well as copies on the rights of originals. 

The Fund of rare books and manuscripts has a number of collections:

- Manuscripts in the Kazakh language
- Manuscripts about Kazakhstan in Russian
- Oriental manuscript
- Slavic and old Russian manuscripts
- Kazak ccapture
- Kazakhstan in Russian
- Kazakhstan in foreign languages
- Russian book
- Western European publications
- Oriental books
- Korean Foundation
- Kazak Merzig bicylinder
- Periodicals of Kazakhstan in Russian
- Periodicals in Eastern languages
- Pre-revolutionary periodicals of Russia
- Russian periodicals
- Miniature book
- Microforms

The service is equipped with computer equipment, devices for reading microforms. All storage units of the Fund belong to the category of world and national historical and cultural heritage. Rare books and manuscripts are issued for temporary use only in the reading room according to the rules of issuing books to readers.

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