On October 28 there in the Hall of the Literary academy within the framework of the 30-th anniversary of Independence of Kazakhstan took place the hour of poetry “Otanym – otty zhyrym”.

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From October 25-th to 27-th there in the Cataloguer’s school of National library of the RK the specialists of the libraries of the Turkestanskya region: the heads of the departments of the Turkerstanskaya regional universal scientific library after A.S.Pushkin G.S. Umiraliyeva, Zh.E. Saparkhan; the bibliographer of the City affiliate №1 of the Tolebiyskiy district of the Turkestanskaya regional universal scientific library N.A.Nurgaziyeva; bibliographer of the Sairamskaya Central Library System (CLS) S.S.Pazilayeva; head of department of the Kelessakaya CLS went through the practical studies in the automated informational-library system Wen-RABIS and other trends of library work.

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On October 26 there in the hall after N. Dauletova of National library of the RK took place the ceremony of donation to the fond of the library of 2500 books prepared and published during the years of independence by the prominent state and public figure, doctor of science in economy and politics, General director of the Eurasian centre of development Tayir Mansurov.

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There on October 25 in the hall after N. Dauletova took place the International panel “The veczametres of Bakytzhan Kanapiyanov” dedicated to the 70-th birthday of the outstanding poet and writer Bakytzhan Kanapiyanov and organized by the International centre for nearing cultures under the aegis of UNESCO together with the National library of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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There in the reading-hall after Oraz Zhandosov is organized the book exhibition “Kazak rukhaniyatynyn zhanashyry”, dedicated to the life and activity of the well-known Kazakhstani writer, translator and publicist Gerold Karlovich Belger.

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On October 20 Director of National library of the RK B.K. Ospanova and director of National academic library of the RK U.D., doctor of science (pedagogics), professor Munalbayeva met with the representatives of intelligentsia in the Western-Kazakhstani universal scientific library after Zh. Moldagaliyev in Uralsk city, where they shared their opinion about the problems of reading and the state of librarianship in the country.

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On October 19 there in the Hall after N. Dauletova of National library of the RK took place the presentation of the book of the artiste of the Kazakh national orchestra after Kurmangazy, master of art-study Aset Zhumabayev “The study manual for the bass-dombra”.

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On October 19 there to the fond of National library of the RK came the work “Melburn, zhalgyz agash” of the Australian poet, writer, translator Ouyan Yu. The book was brought as a gift the poet, critic, dramaturgist Ardak Nurgazy, who translated the book into the Kazakh language and wrote the preface.

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