There in the reading hall of periodical editions is organized the exhibition, dedicated to the 90-th anniversary of the Kyzyl-Orda regional public-political newspaper “Syr boiy”              

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There in the reading hall of the Arts’ department is organized the book exhibition named “Zhyrshylyk oner zhuirigi” dedicated to the 125-th birthday of the folk singer and poet Sugur Begendikov (1894-1974).


Sugur Begendikov was born in 1894 in Mangystau city. Sugur’s father was a religious man and twice made the hadj to Mecca. Sugur in his childhood studied with the mullahs for nine years. The universal fame came to Sugur when he was 27 years old at the commemorative feast for Ali Tauan.

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There in the hall of scientific workers after U.M.Sultangazin is organized the book exhibition dedicated to the 80-th anniversary of the Soviet scientist-biochemist, one of the founders of molecular biology and biotechnologies, academician of the Academy of sciences of the Kazakh SSR Murat Abenovich Aitkhozhin. Murat Abenovich Aitkhozhin was born on June 29, 1939 in Petropavlovsk city of the Northern-Kazakhstani region. In 1962 he graduated from the faculty of biology of the Kazakh state university after S.M.Kirov (now the Kazakh national university after Al-Farabi), from 1962 to 1965 – the post-graduate of the Moscow state university after M.V.Lomonosov.

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On June 21, 2019 there in the hall after N.Dauletova took place the Annual council of the heads of the libraries of Kazakhstan.


The activity was opened by director of National library of the RK Ospanova B.K. and presented the report by the results of activity of the libraries for the year 2018. The purpose of the council was the discussion of the topical problems of the library branch of the republic: the work upon the draft project of the Conception of development of librarianship business in the Republic of Kazakhstan, for the introduction of amendments and additions to the Law of the RK “On culture”;

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On June 17, 2019 at 15:00 hours there in the Kazakstan kitaptary hall for the purposes of implementation of the Address of the First President N.Nazarbayev  to the people of Kazakhstan named “The growth of welfare of the Kazakhstanis: the heightening of incomes and quality of life” took place the meeting with the labour dynasty of the doctors of the Japarovs by the issues of heightening of quality of life of the population for the collective of the library and the studying youth of the city.

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There among the guests were present Zhaparov Abaidulla Mukhitdinovich – head of department maxilla-facial surgery of the City clinical hospital #5 of Almaty city, candidate of science (medicine), “Excellent worker of healthcare” (2009), was entered into the encyclopaedia named “The golden fond of scientists of medicine of Kazakhstan” (2008) and the son of the scientist Sukhrab Abaidullaevich Zhaparov – the stomatologist-surgeon of the maxilla-facial pathology of children and grown-ups of the City clinical hospital #5 of Almaty city, candidate of science (medicine), deputy chairman of the Council for science of the Foundation of the First President-Elbasy, winner of the project “100 new faces of Kazakhstan” of the year 2019.

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On June 12, 2019 there in the hall of E.Tursunov took place the creative meeting “Pushkin as the prophet of Russian civilization” with the winner of the State prize of Russia, the well-known actress, TV-host, public figure Olga Budina, dedicated to the 220-th birthday of the great Russian poet.

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There within the framework of the holiday is organized the book exhibition “Kazakhstan and Russia: friendship sealed by time” dedicated to the 25-th anniversary of the twin-cities Moscow and Almaty.

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On June 12, 2019 there in the hall after N.Dauletova took place the creative meeting with the writer and professor of the English language from Davidson college from the state of North Carolina – Brenda Flanagan.

IMG 20190613 WA0012

She is known in the whole world with the unusual theatricalized presentations of her short stories and verses. At the present time she teaches the writer’s mastery, the Caribbean and Afro-American literature in Davidson college from the state of North Carolina.

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On June 6, 2019 there in the reading hall of world literature is organized the book exhibition “The great Russian poet is 220 years old” dedicated to his jubilee.

A.S.Pushkin is the creator of Russian literary language, the primogenitor of new Russian literature.

1315849887 487px AleksandrPushkin

As the main traditions of Russian literature he asserted humanism, people’s traditions, realism, civil position. His poetry is the brightest example of harmonically splendid art in the Russian and world literatures.

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