On September 27 dedicated to the centenary of “Kazak radio” and 55 years of “Shalkar radio” there in the foyer opened the exhibition of the centenary history of radio, ancient documents and musical instruments named “Almatydan soilep turmyz…” which was continued with the concert programme.

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On September 24 at 11:00 hours there in the hall after N. Dauletova took place the conference named “The Afghan war: the history, the experience, the point of view”, organized by the Department of Social development of Almaty city and the social foundation “Mangilik Kazakhstan”.


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On September 22 at 15:00 hours there in the Hall after N. Dauletova took place the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the book “Orda ertegilery” with the help of the social-   acquaintance project.

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There in the reading hall of the Arts department of National library of the Republic of Kazakhstan is organized the book exhibition “Kazak teatrynyn “Karakozi – Zamzagul Sharipova”, dedicated to the 90-th birthday of the outstanding theatre actress Zamzagul Sharipova.

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There in the Hall of periodical editions is organized the exhibition named “Centenary – the magazine AQIQAT”, dedicated to the jubilee of the national public-political magazine “Aqiqat”.

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On September 1-7 there in the Scientific-methodological service after R.Berdigaliyeva  the  librarian from the hall of library study R.K. Myspayeva acquainted the workers of different Services of National library of the RK with the analytical review named “The libraries of Kazakhstan – the year 2020. The data and numbers”. At the same time, using the methodological manual by E.K. Beisekhulova “The creative librarian. The innovational methodologies at the library”, using it, expressed their opinions about how to be a creative librarian and about the importance of professional ethics. 

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There in the reading hall of the Arts department is organized the book exhibition “Oresi biyik, onegeli tulga – Ozbekali Zhanibekov”, dedicated to the 90-th anniversary of the state figure, ethnographer, candidate of science (history) Uzbekali Zhanibekov

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On August 26 specialists of the restoration, conservation and binding service took part online in the practical seminar "Preservation of handwritten heritage", held by the All-Russian State Library of Foreign Literature named after M. I. Rudomino, where the presentation of the restoration of the unique handwritten document of N. N. Miklukho-Maklay 1873 "Papuan dialects of the Maklay coast in New Guinea" with the author's editing took place.

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