On July 5, 2019 there in the reading hall of world literature department is organized the book exhibition “The great French writer – Francois Rable” dedicated to the 525-th birthday of the writer.

Francois Rabelais (1494-1553) is the well-known writer, scientist, philosopher, public figure. He was born in the precincts of Сhinon in Touraine. Rabelais’ s father  is a forensic official and worked as a lawyer. In 1511 Rabelais was given to the Franciscan abbey in Poitou where he studied theology, the Greek and Latin languages.


In 1530 he entered the medical faculty of the university in Montpellier where he soon received the degree of bachelor. Rabelais was studying the tractates of Hippocrates and read lectures in medicine. In 1532 he became chief doctor of the Lyon hospital in Pont-deu-Ron.

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 There in the reading hall of periodical editions is organized the exhibition, dedicated to the 90-th anniversary of the Kyzyl-Orda regional public-political newspaper “Syr boiy”              

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There in the reading hall of the Arts’ department is organized the book exhibition named “Zhyrshylyk oner zhuirigi” dedicated to the 125-th birthday of the folk singer and poet Sugur Begendikov (1894-1974).


Sugur Begendikov was born in 1894 in Mangystau city. Sugur’s father was a religious man and twice made the hadj to Mecca. Sugur in his childhood studied with the mullahs for nine years. The universal fame came to Sugur when he was 27 years old at the commemorative feast for Ali Tauan.

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There in the hall of scientific workers after U.M.Sultangazin is organized the book exhibition dedicated to the 80-th anniversary of the Soviet scientist-biochemist, one of the founders of molecular biology and biotechnologies, academician of the Academy of sciences of the Kazakh SSR Murat Abenovich Aitkhozhin. Murat Abenovich Aitkhozhin was born on June 29, 1939 in Petropavlovsk city of the Northern-Kazakhstani region. In 1962 he graduated from the faculty of biology of the Kazakh state university after S.M.Kirov (now the Kazakh national university after Al-Farabi), from 1962 to 1965 – the post-graduate of the Moscow state university after M.V.Lomonosov.

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On June 29, 2019 in the hall named after N.Dauletova held a presentation of collections “Koshbashylyk” and “Leadership” by Mukan Shyngys Zhumabekovich, published a part of the TOP-10 project of the public fund “Mazmundama”

The event was moderated by Zhanarbek Ashimzhan, editor-in-chief of the newspaper "Ana Tili", laureate of the Prize of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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On June 21, 2019 there in the hall after N.Dauletova took place the Annual council of the heads of the libraries of Kazakhstan.


The activity was opened by director of National library of the RK Ospanova B.K. and presented the report by the results of activity of the libraries for the year 2018. The purpose of the council was the discussion of the topical problems of the library branch of the republic: the work upon the draft project of the Conception of development of librarianship business in the Republic of Kazakhstan, for the introduction of amendments and additions to the Law of the RK “On culture”;

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On June 19, 2019 in the hall of E. Tursynov was held the creative evening of Bakytbek Bamishuly, a famous poet-writer, publicist, translator, candidate of philological sciences, member of the Union of Writers of Kazakhstan and the Union of Journalists of Kazakhstan, "Altyn Araldyn Argymaktary", organized by the International public fund "Er Zhanibek" and the Union of Writers of Kazakhstan.

The event was conducted by Dauletkerey Kapuly, director of the Nur-Sultan branch of the Writers' Union of Kazakhstan, a well-known poet-improviser, honored worker of Kazakhstan, winner of the state youth award "Daryn".

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On June 18, 2019, the literary evening "Spiritual development of youth and education through the prism of stories", dedicated to the life and works of the outstanding writer and scholar, the classic of Kazakh literature, the founder of abaeology, writer Mukhtar Auezov, was held in the hall named after N. Dauletova, which was organized by the "Zhas Otan" Youth Wing of the "Nur Otan" Party.

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