The collection of fiction of Kazakhstan is situated in open access in “Kazakstan kitaptary” department and numbers more than 12 thousand copies. These are the works of the classics of Kazakh literature in the Kazakh and Russian languages. There are collected the works of outstanding authors of literary creative activity: A.Kunanbayev, M.Auezov, A.Baitursynov, M.Dulatov, I.Esenberlin, M.Zhumabayev, I.Zhansugurov,Sh.Kudaiberdiyev, B.Mailin, M.Makatayev, G.Musrepov, S.Mukanov, G.Mustafin, S.Seifullin, S.Toraigyrov and others.

There into the collection entered the books published in the second half of the XX-th century and the modern editions. Among the modern authors there are such known names like A.Alimzhanov,N.Anastasyev, Z.Akhmetov, G.Belger, Sh.Bisenova, V.Vladimirov, S.Elubayev, D.Isabekov, B.Kanapyanov, B.Kelimbetov, Z.Kydyralina, Sh.Murtaza, N.Nurpeyisov, A.Nurshayikov, F.Ongarsynova, D.Snegin, R.Seisenbayev, O.Suleimenov, A.Tarazi, M.Shakhanov, I.Shukhov, I.Shchegolikhin and others.

The works of the classics of world literature are presented in the translation into the Kazakh languages: Ch.Aitmatov, M.Zhalel, O.Khayam, Firdousi, Nizami, G.Bairon, Onore de Balzac, I.Goethe, V.Hugo, M.Twain, G.D.Mopassant, A.Duma, J.Verne, J.London, A.Christie, W.Shakespeare and others.

For independent studying there for the readers are offered the multi-volume editions and collections of literature in 35 book series. The book series are published within the framework of the Republican programme “The publication of socially important kinds of literature”. There by the state order are published the works of prominent writers, poets and public figures, who made a special contribution into the development of Kazakhstani literature. The collection also includes the series of novels and short stories by domestic authors published by the Kazakhstani foundations and publishing corporations.

The collections of novels and short stories of Kazakhstan is regularly replenished with new editions.