31майOn May 31 at 11:00 there in the reading hall after Oraz Zhandosov took place the thematic review for the readers and the young specialists of the library by the materials ofthe book exhibition “Aktandaktar turaly akikat”, dedicated to the Day of memory of the victims of the political repressions in Kazakhstan.

Annually on May 31 there in Kazakhstan is marked the Day of memory of the political repressions, one of the most tragic pages in the history of Kazakhstan – the mass political repressions and the terrifying famine which led to the perdition of millions of people.      

The mass political repressions are one of the most lugubrious pages in the history of Kazakhstan. The Soviet power practically turned the country into one big jail. There on the territory of Kazakhstan were situated the largest camps of the structure GULAG – ALZHIR, STEPLAG, KARLAG. The wave of the political repressions destroyed many representatives of the Kazakh intelligentsia. One of the most tragic phenomena in the multi-century history of the Kazakh people is “Uly zhut” – “The great famine” of the 1930-s. Kazakhstan became the giant polygon for the carrying out of the unprecedented social experiment which led to the perdition of the huge amount of people. There in the 1930-40-ss took place also the mass deportations of the whole peoples in Kazakhstan. Their number is evaluated to be 1 mln. 200 thousand people.

There within the framework of the activity were organized: the book exhibition “Aktandaktar turaly akikat” and the slide-show of the photographs. The head of the Service “Kazakstan kitaptary” Zharknalova M.B., head of the group Berdaliyeva K.A., the librarians Mukhamediyarova N. and Bakhytkyzy Zh. carried out the review by the materials of the book exhibition. The documentary materials presented from the fond of National library of the RK give the possibility to understand the cruel, senseless character of the political repressions of those years. The recollections about the people whose destinies were broken during the period of the cruel terror are to be preserved in the memory of all the generations.

Deputy director for library work of National library of the RK Yussupova A.Kh. noted that the today’s generation must realize the value of the peaceful development of the state and not allow the repetition of such tragic events.

The speeches of the librarians caused great interest of the youth. There at the completion of the activity were the words of gratitude for the informative narrations and acquaintance with the book exhibition.

The purpose of the thematic review was the acquaintance of the youth with the history of the most tragic periods of our state during the years of 1920-50-ss and the formation of patriotic feelings of the youth, the veneration of memory of the victims of the political repressions and respect for the historical past of the Kazakh people.    

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