ССThere in the hall after Oraz Zhandosov  of the Service “Kazakstan kitaptary” is organized the book exhibition “San kyrly syuretker» dedicated to the 80-th jubilee of the well-known Kazakh writer, dramaturgist, winner of the International literary prize «Alash» Sofy Smatayev.

Smatayev Sofy Kalybekovich was born on June 22, 1942 in the Agadyrskiy district of the Karagandinskaya region. In 1959 he enters the KazGU at the philological faculty. After at he continues the studies in Moscow at the Institute of steel and alloys. He worked at the Moscow factory «Hammer and sickle», the Tulskiy metallurgical factory and led the scientific  workat the Academy of sciences of the KazSSR.

In 1968 he is the worker of the magazine «Zhuldyz». In 1984 he is the responsible worker of the CC of the Communist party of Kazakhstan. In 1989-2006 he is the director of National book chamber of the RK.

He began his creative work from the poetical path. The first collection of verses named «The fires of the capital» came out in 1968. After that there were published the stories and short novels: «How do you do, Mama» (1970), «The alloy» (1974), «The first pass» (1982), the novels «The blowing of the wind» (1979), «The well» (1983). The novel-trilogy «Elim-ai» is dedicated to the fight of the Kazakh people with the Jungar invaders, the novels «The white dress», «The eternal beginning» and others.

S.Smatayev  is the author of the play «The fate» (1976), «Who are you?» (1977), «The evil joke» (1978), «My high star» (1985) and also the libretto of the operas «The enigmatic girl» (1971), «Zhayau Musa» (1988). He is the author of the collection of verses and prose «Astana ottary» (1968), «Alau» (1974), «Koblandy batyr» (1981), «The Karaspan mountains» (1984).

The play «Abylai khan» (1992) received the first prize in the competition of the Ministry of culture of the RK. He is the author of the scenario to the cinema film «Birzhannyn songy zhuldyzy».

Smatayev is well-known as a literary critic and translator. He translated into the Kazakh language the tragedy of W.Shakespeare «Julius Caesar»,  the works of VGKorolenko, Vs.Ivanov and others. Some of the works of Smatayev S. are translated into the Kirghiz, Karakalpak and Estonian languages.

Sofy Smatayev is the truly Kazakh prosaic, poet and dramaturgist who has the talent of joy and the gift of great tragism. Whatever he undertook – let it be a novel, play, verses or translations – he does everything with talent and naturally. His patriotism, deep knowledge of life and the hardly perceptible sorrow of his stories stupefy the reader.

He is awarded with the order «Kurmet» (2000) and «Parasat»  (2007).

There at the book exhibition «Karymdy kalamger» are presented the materials about the life and creative activity of the writer S.Smatayev, his works and articles on the pages of the periodical press from the fond of National library of the RK. 

We invite everybody to the book exhibition!