There in the reading hall of world literature is organized the book exhibition named “To American writer Theodore Dreiser - 150 years”.

The famous writer and public figure Theodor German Albert Dreiser (1871-1945) has a long time ago occupied an honorary place among the classics of world literature. The works of the writer which touch upon the sharp social problems enjoy great success and cause lively interest of the readers in the whole world. His novels, small novels, essays, dramatic works by the right belong to the best specimens of realistic literature. Among them especially popular are the novels: “Sister Kerry” (1900), “Jenny Gerhardt” (1911), “The financier” (1912), “The titan” (1914), “The genius” (1915), ”The American tragedy” (1925) and others.

The purpose of the exhibition is to acquaint the readers with the creative activity of the well-known writer and arouse interest to his personality, to the disclosure of his main works and attraction for reading.

There at the jubilee exposition are presented: the collection of works in 12 volumes, published in Moscow in 1973 by the publishing house “Pravda”; the selected, separate works of the writer in the Russian, English, Hungarian and Spanish languages, and also the literature about his life and creative activity.

From the editions published in his lifetime one can get acquainted with the works: “Free and other stories” published in 1927 in New-York city by the typing house “Bony and Liveright”; “A Gallery of Women” in two volumes, the 1-st volume published in 1929 in New-York by the typing house “Horacium Liveright”.

There to the life and creative activity of the writer are dedicated many works of the American, Russian and other researchers. There in them is collected the great factual material, which contains interesting observations over the creative evolution of the writer.

There from among them interest is roused by the book of S. Baturin “Dreiser” (1975), published in the series “The life of wonderful people”, it narrates about the life, creative activity and public activity of Theodore Dreiser. The edition is equipped with the photographs of the writer, his relatives and friends. Also of interest is the book of Ya.N.Zasurskiy “Theodore Dreiser: the life and creative activity” (1977), in which there is narrated about the life and creative way of Theodore Dreiser, there in the research are used the archival materials.

The recollections of Helen Dreiser in her book “My life with Dreiser” embrace the period of 1919-1945 – the most wonderful period in the life and creative activity of Dreiser, when he created his best works. Also of interest for the readers will be the book by the author Peiley Alan “Theodore Dreiser, the American editor and writer” in the English language published by the typing house “Char-Lottevil” in New-York in 1973.

                                    We invite everybody to the book exhibition!