There in the reading hall of the Arts department of National library of the Republic of Kazakhstan is organized the book exhibition “Kazak teatrynyn “Karakozi – Zamzagul Sharipova”, dedicated to the 90-th birthday of the outstanding theatre actress Zamzagul Sharipova.

Sharipova Zamzagul Nusupbayevna (31.08.1931 – 14.07.2018) is the outstanding theatre actress, was born in the Zhambyl district of the Almatinskaya region. The People’s artiste of the Kazakh SSR (1966). The holder of the orders of Motherland, Honour and Friendship of the peoples. The winner of the State stipend of the RK.

Sharipova in 1948 finished the Almatinskaya theatrical school. From that year she worked at the studio “Kazakhfilm” and at the Kazakh radio, participated in the dubbing and

in the radio-programmes. In 1953 she was accepted to the theatre collective after M. Auezov. Working non-stop in this theatre, she was shot in more than 100 images from national dramaturgy and world classics, as the actress with the wide actor diapason.

One of the first roles of Z. Sharipova in the dramatic theatre of the Kazakh state academy – A.Abisheva in the drama “Who is my father?” (1957). Later on she created the images of such beauties like Aktokty (G. Musirepov, “Akan Seri - Aktokty”), Aiman (M. Auezov, “Aiman-Sholpan”), Aizhan (S.Mukanov, “Shokan Ualikhanov”), Dezdemona (W. Shakespeare, “Otello”) and showed herself as the actress with the lyrical feelings. An especially big place in the creative activity of Sharipova is occupied by the role of Karagoz (M. Auezov, “Karagoz”). She played in the roles of: Nurzhamal (Ozhet kyz, 1955), Dina (“We live here”, 1957), Khadisha (“The road of life”, 1961), The public prosecutor (“Shyndagy Shynar”, 1965), Karlygash (the TV-film “Abai”, 1976), Piyaziya (“Zaman-ai”, 1997) and others. In 1958 she participated in the decade of Kazakh literature and art in Moscow.

The purpose of the book exhibition is the propagation of the creative activity of the outstanding theatre actress.

There at the exhibition are presented the materials about the life and creative activity of Z. Sharipova.

                                   We invite everybody to the book exhibition!