There took place the donation of the book by the specialist on the Arabic, Persian, ancient Shagatai languages Zaripbai Orazbai and the doctor of science (politics), public figure Erzhan Isakulov to the fond of National library of the RK named “Shyngys khan” which enjoys great popularity with the readers.

There to the wide readers of the library this precious historical book was given by director of the book store “Kazyna” Almas Shaiken. This is the work which opens up the history of our people by using the reliable data, that is the work of Rashid-ad-Din “Zhamikh-at-tauarikh”. There in this very book very valuable data of the Middle Ages are collected, about the ethnic-demographical history of the Mongol world. There in this book is told about the fact that one of the ethnical-political and ethnical-cultural descendants of the Chingiz-khan empire was the Kazakh people. This book influenced the Kazakh spiritual renovation and is very useful for the coming generation. It’s clear that the effort to restore the historical truth of this book will interest anybody, because it is written in clear language.  By taking the new look at Kazakh history and giving the chance to make the conclusion, these scientific books are written by: Erzhan Isakulov and Zaripbai Orazbai and on behalf of National library of the RK we express to them our gratitude. We wish you good health and new books.