БайтурсыновThere in the reading hall after Oraz Zhandosov of the Service «Kazakstan kitaptary» is organized the book exhibition «Kazak rukhaniyatynyn kosemi», dedicated to the 150-th birthday of the Kazakh enlightener, public and state figure, poet, scientist Akhmet Baitursynov.  

Akhmet Baitursynov  was born on September 5, 1872 in the aul of Sarytyubek of the Tosynskiy volost of the Kostanayskaya region. After finishing the rural and the two-class Russian-Kazakh school in Turgai in 1891 he entered the Orenburg study establishment for the preparation of the teachers.

  1. A. Baitursynov actively participated in the public-political activity. In 1905 he was one of the authors of the Karkalinskaya petition. In 1913-1918 together with A. Bukeikhanov, Dulatov he published the first all-national newspaper «Kazak». The programme of  «Alash» party prepared by the Alashskiy intellectual elite headed by A. Baitursynov was published in the newspaper “Kazak”. In 1917 there at the II-nd All-Kazakh congress A. Baitursynov was chosen chairman of the Study-enlightenment commission, which considered and approved the lists of Alash Orda. He was deputy chairman of the Council of people’s commissars and the Kazakh military-revolutionary committee of the RSFSR. He was chosen commissar (minister) of people’s education of the Kazakh ASSR (1920), he headed the Academic centre at the regional People’s commissariat (1922), he became chairman of the Commission for translation of foreign words and terms into the Kazakh language created in Kazakhstan, was the head of the scientific-literary commission of the People’s commissariat of enlightenment, head of the Society for studying the Kazakh region (1922-1925). In June, 1929 he was arrested being accused in the nationalistic anti-soviet activity, in 1934 through the appeal of the International organization of the Red Cross he received the possibility to return to Alma-Ata. In October, 1937 A.Baitursynov was arrested again and on December 8, 1938 shot as «the class enemy» being accused in the relations with the terroristic organization  - the Turkic people’s party. On November 4, 1988 the Supreme court of Kazakhstan rehabilitated the enlightener A. Baitursynov because of the lack in his actions of the components of the crime.

            The book exhibition «Kazak rukhaniyatynyn kosemi»  is represented by the materials: encyclopaedias, biographical reference books, fiction and literature about him. The purpose of the book exhibition is to popularize the works of the great figure multilaterally, to acquaint the readers with the literary heritage of A. Baitursynov. 

  1. A. Baitursynov made a considerable contribution into the Kazakh literature as a poet, critic, publicist, historian of literature, translator and pedagogue. He began his creative activity as the writer of fables. In the works «Kyryk mysal» (1909), «Masa» (1911) there are ridiculed such human vices and demerits like indolence, laziness, vanity, ignorance. He was the creator of the first Kazakh ABC-book with the reformatted It was because of this that his birthday became the Day of languages of the peoples’ of Kazakhstan. Continuing and developing the enlightenment and critical traditions of Abai, he wrote the article «The main Kazakh poet» and raised the Kazakh literature onto the new level. The author wrote the literary-scientific works «Oku kuraly» (1912), «Til kural» (1914),  «Er Saiyn» (1923), «Alipbi» (1924), «Zhana alipbi»  (1926), «Adebiyet tanytkysh» (1926), «Baianshy» (1926), «23 zhoktau» (1926) and others.

            In Almaty at the corner of the streets Baitursynov and Zhambyl there in the house where he lived in the 1930-ss. is opened the House-museum of  A. Baitursynov and in the square near it is established the monument-bust of the enlightener. The square itself bears his name. For him are established  the monuments in Kostanai (2000) and Shymkent (2004). After him is named the Kostanai  state university, the streets and schools in many cities of  Kazakhstan. In 2005 there was issued the postal mark of Kazakhstan dedicated to Baitursynov.

            We invite everybody to the book exhibition!

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