1. There at the Kostanai Regional universal scientific library (RUSL) after L.N. Tolstoi took place the online conference named “The library marks…: the III-rd Dauletovskiye readings in the context of the jubilees of the leaders of the Regional universal scientific library after L.N. Tolstoi”.

There in the conference participated the director of National library of the RK, chairperson of the Kazakhstani Library Union B.K. Ospanova and the head of the Scientific-methodological service G.A. Makhanbetova, and also the leaders and the librarians of the National academic library of the RK, of the frontier libraries of the Russian Federation, the regional, city, district, rural libraries of the RK, the relations of Dauletova N.K. and the veterans of the librarian business.

The purpose of the conference is to disclose the role of the library in the preservation of the traditional system of values and the development of the modern, digital, informational society.

In the course of the conference director of National library of the RK B.K. Ospanova made the congratulatory speech, G.A. Makhanbetova narrated about the results of the republican competition “The best young librarian of the year - 2021”.

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