There in the reading hall of the Arts department is organized the book exhibition “Kino zhane teatr onerynyn zharyk zhuldyzy – Asanali Ashimov”, dedicated to the 85-th birthday of the People’s artiste of the USSR and the Kazakh SSR, actor, director of the theatre and cinema, scenario writer, pedagogue Asanali Ashimov.

Asanali Ashimov was born on May 8, 1937 in the village Zhaiylma of the Sarysuskiy district of the Zhambylskaya region. In 1961 he graduated from the theatrical faculty of the Kazakh state conservatoire after Kurmangazy in Alma-Ata. In 1961-1963 he worked at the cinema studio “Kazakhfilm” where there began his active cinematographical activity.

Being a student he was shot in the films “Botagoz”, “On the wild bank of Irtysh”, “In one district”, “The song calls”, “My boy”, “The cross-road”, “The traces go beyond the horizon”, “The traces go beyond the horizon” and others.

From 1963 he was an actor, director of the Kazakh dramatical theatre after M.O. Auezov in Alma-Ata, and from 1987 to 1988 he was the artistic head of the theatre. During the time of the work upon the scene of this theatre he created more than fifty roles: of Aishuak in “Karakypshak Kobylandy” and Kebek in “Enlik-Kebek” of M.O. Auezov; of Syrym Datov in “The will for the progeny” of G. Musrepov; of Elaman in “Blood and sweat” of A.K. Nurpeyisov; of Kodar, Kozy-Korpesh in “Kozy Korpesh – Bayan sulu” of G.M. Musrepov; of Osinbai Tatayev in “The rise for Fudziyama” of Ch. Aitmatov and K. Mukhamedzhanov; of Zharasbai in “The shot at the ridge” of K.Yskak and a number of others

As director of the theatre A. Ashimov staged the plays “Don Juan, or love for geometry”, of Frisch, “Revizor” of N.V. Gogol, “Amangeldy” of G.Musrepov, “Is there the posison which I didn’t drink” of I. Orazbayev, “If I were the Sultan” of Saadam Vannus, “Akbilek” of Zh. Aimauytov and others. There in the Shymkent regional theatre after Zh. Shanin he staged the play “And even the Sultan is not forever”, and in the Republican theatre of young spectator after G. Musrepov – the play “The sunny beauty Kunekei” with the participation of A.Seidimbek.

The wide world popularity to A. Ashimov were brought by the roles which he played in the films “Kyz-Zhibek” in the role of Bekezhan; “The end of the ataman” by the scenario of Andrei Mikhalkov-Konchalovskiy, the film was the beginning of the whole trilogy about the chekist Chadyarov, which became the visit card of the actor; “The trans-Siberian express” by the scenario of Alexander Adabashyan and Nikita Mikhalkov; “The Manchuriya variant” by the scenario of Ashimov himself; “Who are you, Mr. K?” of director Kuat Akhmetov.

Brightly and uniquely Ashimov showed himself as the cinema director. He shot the films: “The year of the dragon” (1981), “The legendary Chokan” (“Chokan Valikhanov”, 1984), “The wormwood” (1986), “Kozy Korpesh – Bayan sulu” (The cinema-studio “Elimai”, 1992), “The house near the salty lake” (2004).

There for the creative activity of A. Ashimov are dedicated the documentary films of the director I. Vovnyanko “Asanali” (1986) and “The road will be mastered by the walking man” (1986). There was also published “The golden collection of films of Asanali Ashimov” in the form of the box with the 12 DVD best films, there was shot the documentary film “The master of the mirror affairs”. There in Taraz was opened the museum of A. Ashimov.

А. Ashimov is the author of the books: “The song of Maira”, “The soul is especially”, the five-volume collection “Dedication”, “With love, your Asanali Ashimov”, “My genre is the fiary”. Beside the work in the theatre and cinema he taught at the Kazakh national academy of arts after T.K. Zhurgenov.

А. Ashimov is awarded with the orders “Otan”, “Kurmet”, “Parasat”, “Dostyk”, the winner of the State prize of the Kazakh SSR, winner of the State prize of the USSR. In 2000 he became the winner of the Independent all-national prize “Tarlan”, in 2011 he became the winner of the prize in the sphere of culture and art “The stars of the Commonwealth”. A. Ashimov is the member of the Union of cinematographers of the USSR, professor, president of the Almatinskiy cinema-festival “Shaken Zhuldyzdary”, president of the cinema-studio “Elimai”.

In 2017 N. Nazarbayev awarded to Asanali Ashimov the title of “Kazakhstannyn Enbek Eri”.

The purpose of the exhibition is to acquaint the readers with the life and biography of the people of art of Kazakhstan, underline the significance and topicality of the creative activity of cinema actor A. Ashimov, popularize the literature about art and domestic cinematography.

There at the book exhibition are presented the books which disclose the life and activity of the live legend of Kazakh theatre and cinema, actor Asnalai Ashimov: А.Asimuly “Shygarmalary: 7-volume A. Ashimuly”; A. Ashimuly “Mairanyn ani”; A. Ashimov “With love yours Asanali Ashimov”; A. Ashimuly “Menyn zhanrym - kyundelik”; B. Kundakbaiuly “Teatr turaly tolgau”; “Asanali Ashimov: Photoalbum”; A. Ashimuly “Tandamaly”; B. Kusanbek “Bir sat zhane byukil gurym”; K. Smaiylov “Onegeli omir”; A. Sygai “Zhansarai”; “Kazak sakhnasynyn sheberlery” Shygarmashylyk portretter”; “Cinema and the whole life”; K. Siranov “Cinema art of Soviet Kazakhstan”; S. Kabdiyeva “Folklore traditions in the Kazakh theatre”; A. Sygai “Aktyor alemi” and others. Also to the readers will be of interest the interest the interviews and tales about the life of the actor, his creative activity, actor’s mastery and everything which is usually left behind the scenes described on the pages of the periodical editions.

We invite everybody to the book exhibition!