There in the reading hall after O. Zhandosov of the Service «Kazakstan kitaptary» is organized the book exhibition «Ata zan – tayelsyz el tugyry» dedicated to August 30 – the Constitution Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The present Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan was adopted on August 30, 1995 at the all-national referendum. The Constitution is the main law of society band the state which has the highest juridical power when compared with  the other sources of national law which strengthens and regulates the basics of the public and state structure, the main rights and freedoms, obligations of man and citizen, and also the principles of organization and activity of the local self-management. The Constitution is the nucleus of the whole legal system.

The President Kasym-Zhomart Tokayev announced the carrying out of the referendum on June 5, 2022 about the amendments to the Constitution. According to the words of the President, the purpose of the amendments is the transition to «the new state model, the new format of the interaction of the state  and society», and the transition «from the super-presidential form of governance to the presidential republic with the influential parliament and accountable government».

The referendum which took place on June 5, 2022 will allow now for every citizen to participate immediately in the determination of the fate of the country and it will become the bright demonstration of the will of the people and it will strengthen the course for the multilateral democratization and the building of New Kazakhstan.

The purpose of the book exhibition is the acquaintance with the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan and other legal documents, to demonstrate to society the high responsibility and patriotism, the unity of the citizens of Kazakhstan. 

There at the book exhibition is presented the literature about the history of the state  and law, the formation of Kazakhstan as the legal, democratic state. Also there are the materials about the historical period of time to which there belong the general law regulations of the Kazakh people which were the main law “Zhety zhargy” («The seven laws») of the Khan Tauke (the second half of the XVII-th century), which strengthened the state structure and the feudal right of the Kazakhs; S. Sartayev «The formation of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan» (2002) and the editions published within the framework of the State programme «The cultural heritage», «The ancient world of the Kazakhs» (2006), the materials of the scientific conferences about the role and significance of the Constitution and many other materials.

         We  invite you to the book exhibition!