During 6th to 24th of June the students of the chair "TURKSOY" of the Faculty of Oriental Studies of the Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi passed and protected the industrial practice in the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan. As part of the defense practice, students conducted a bibliographic review of the collection of the Book Corner of Turkey.

In the bibliographical review of books were presented publications about history, culture, linguistics, fiction and translation literature of Turkey. Especially want to note the review of J.Kulahmetova, S.Begaly, S.Ospanova, D.Taubay, who presented the material very creatively, and told about the books, revealing their content.

The review of G. Kairat, A. Boken, A. Akhmetkali, M. Tleuberdi, A. Suramai, N. Mamykov, Zh. Kushkinbaeva, M. Kalmen and others, who used the advantages of new technologies - book trailers, videos about books, book summaries, were interesting for young library professionals. The video does not exceed 3 minutes, the information about the book is presented in such a way that you want to take it and read it immediately.

At the defense were: the head of the internship from the university of N.M. Shuinshin, the head of the World Literature Service of the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan S.T. Tuyakova, librarian of the Hall of Library Science named by R. Berdigalieva is R.K. Myspaeva, the head of the group of scientific and methodological service G.T. Rakhimzhanova. R.

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