On the 22nd of April 2022, the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan hosted a KITAP SHOY-2022 celebratory event dedicated to the World Book and Copyright Day. The Almaty community of writers USW Network took part in the event.

USW Network is a platform to support and develop the creativity of young writers. It was founded in 2018.

The event resulted in lectures, creative meetings, master classes, and a fair of Almaty writers. Agreements were reached between the authors and the administration of the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan on cooperation in promoting the books of the writers, placing their creative projects on the website and holding future events at the Library.

Invited guests, schoolchildren and students were able to get acquainted closer with the writers, their books and see with their own eyes how simple and exciting it is to do creative work and learn from professionals.

All in all, more than 15 writers from Almaty, including residents of the USW Network project, took part in the exhibition and lecture.

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