Head of the service:

Toktarova Zhanar Amangeldievna

Contact tel.: +7-727-267-28-62

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The main trends:

  • informational-bibliographical servicing in the fond of open access of reference literature;
  • execution of oral and written informations in the traditional and electronic form;
  • organization of access to electronic information;
  • organization and maintenance of the traditional card-catalogues;
  • reference-consultation servicing of readers;
  • consultation in search of information and implementation of the order in the electronic catalogue;
  • provision of computers for the independent use of the standard programmes;
  • scanning of print documents;
  • printing of the texts;
  • access to the full-text data-bases (the DB):

PARAGRAF is a full-text electronic data-base on the legislation of Kazakhstan. There in the data-base are contained the texts of the normative legal acts, commentaries to the legislation of lawyers – scientists and practitioners, the decisions of the Supreme Court and other courts of the Republic; the reviews of judicial practice; the documents of international law, the projects of laws considered by the Parliament of Kazakhstan; the approximate forms of legal and business documents and many other no less important documents; the norms, rules, standards, directions, recommendations, manuals, guides and also the accompanying normative-legal acts of Kazakhstan, Russia and other countries.    

EastView (in the Russian language) contains the leading Russian periodical editions in humanitarian sciences – from the journals of the institutes of the Russian academy of sciences, embracing the spheres from archeology to linguistics to the so-called “thick journals”, beginning from the famous “Novyi Mir” and the independent scientific journals. The thematic: history, state and law, natural sciences, literature-science, medicine and health-care, science and technology, philosophy, economics, ethnography;

EBSCO (in the English language) contains editions in economy, business, management, sociology, politology, informatics and others.

Springer link (in the German language) contains articles in science, technology and medicine;

Science Direct (in the English language) is a full-text electronic data-base – the leading informational platform Elsevier for scientists, teachers, students, specialists of the medical sphere and the R&D departments of industrial enterprises which contains 25% of the world scientific publications;

Scopus (in the English language) is the largest in the worlds single referative DB, it indexes more than 21 000 names of scientific-technical and medical journals of international publishing houses;

The multimedia lingual-country study dictionary “Russia” is created on the basis of the previously released book versions of the lingual-country study  dictionaries and is supplemented by the multimedia content (the verbal texts, reproductions, photographs, audio-recordings, video-fragments, karaoke panoramas, video-lectures) and interactive tasks. This considerably makes it different from the other study dictionaries known today, including the electronic ones.

There on the reading hall on open access are presented:

  1. The electronic editions in all branches of science on CD, DVD;
  2. Bibliographical editions;
  3. Reference editions, dictionaries and encyclopedias;
  4. Reference journals;
  5. Exhibition of new literature;
  6. The data-base and access to the Internet.

There in the catalogues’ hall are situated the print and electronic catalogues.

The service of reference-informational servicing

The service of reference-informational servicing executes:

-the reference-consultation servicing of readers;

-the formation and maintenance of traditional card catalogues;

-the consultation work in search and implementation of orders of readers in the electronic catalogue of National library of the RK within the system of Web-RALIS “Search-Order”;

- the bibliographical requests with the use of the reference-search apparatus of the library;

-the recommendations and provision for readers of the reference-bibliographical sources.

The open fond numbers more than 32 thousand reference, bibliographical and informational editions in all branches of science. There in the fond are presented the editions of the National State book chamber of the RK and the Russian book chamber – the book chronicles,

the chronicles of newspaper and magazine articles, the abstracts of theses of dissertations and also editions of the informational-bibliographical centres of Russia – VINITI, INION of the RAS. There are provided the services of the Internet, access within the Wi-Fi system,

the electronic editions on CD, DVD – the carriers in all branches of science. There is organized access to the full-text data-bases of the legislative and normative documents of the RK “Paragraf” and also to the full-text data-bases from the world creators of informational resources EBSCO, EastView, Springer Link, Science Direct, Scopus, the Multimedia lingual-country study dictionary “Russia”.

Contact tel.: 8 (7272)267-28-62,