In the S. Zimanov organized an exhibition of dissertations dedicated to the 105th anniversary of the proclamation of Kazakh autonomy and the establishment of the national government "Alash Orda".

In national political history, a broad reformist and national liberation movement emerged in the early twentieth century. It was connected with the party "Alash" and the leaders of the Alash Orda government, which appeared as a result of its active heroic and uniting activities among the people. The history of Alash Orda is directly connected with development of the state and political thought, culture, science and education of all Kazakh people of the beginning of the XX century.  "Alash" - movement of the Kazakh democracy, which proclaimed the creation of a national party in July 1917.  Participants of this movement in their time took serious political steps to create a democratic state. Later the flower of the nation was persecuted and repressed. Gradually the names of the leaders of the "Alash" party were returned to the people and their works were published. The ideology of the "Alash" party reflected the aspirations of the Kazakh people in terms of the proclamation of national political self-government, the development of independent economic and cultural life. The party "Alash" became the most influential political force of the Great Steppe of that time. The leaders of the national liberation movement were A. Bokeykhanov, A. Baitursynov, M. Tynyshpayev, M. Dulatov, M. Shokai, H. and Zh. Dosmukhamedovs, J. Akbayev, H. Gabbasov, R. Marsekov,

А. Turlybayev, A. Yermekov, and others were graduates of universities in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kazan, Tomsk, Kiev, Warsaw, and Istanbul. These were people deeply rooted in the national Kazakh spiritual tradition of morality, with a high sense of responsibility for the fate of the motherland. They became rightfully catalysts of the intellectual renaissance throughout the Steppe.

The exhibition presents the scientific works and dissertations of scientists studying the historical and political activities of the "Alash" party and its leaders, such as: Е. Saylaubay "Alashorda ukimetinin shygys bolimi"; R. Nurmagambetova "Problem of Alash and Alash Orda in the Kazakhstan historiography of 20-90-ies"; K. Seipiev "Social movements and political parties of the Kazakh intelligentsia in the beginning of XX century"; B. Baimenov "Alashorda kairatkerlerinin pedagogikalyk murasy" and others.


Graduate students, PhD doctoral students, and researchers are welcome to visit the exhibition.