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In the hall of Culture and Luterature of China organized a book exhibition “Children’s Literature of China’, as part of the proclamation of the Presudent of Kazakhstan K.K.Tokayev "2021 - Year of Children and Youth Reading Support".

Old children's literature includes myths, tales and legends (Chinese parables, cautionary tales, stories about famous historical sites in China, stories about ancient warlords) from classical Chinese literary works, which had an exclusively educational character as a body of knowledge and rules of wisdom.

With the spread of humanistic ideas and the appearance of translations of foreign literature, Chinese children's literature began to flourish. The theoretical basis of children's literature was formed, its division according to the peculiarities of the age and psychological development of the reader was carried out. Many high-quality works of fiction of various genres and themes have been created, emphasizing the formation of a self-sufficient personality. Children's literature in China today occupies a very important place in the field of literature. In 1990, a 15-volume collection of Chinese children's literature was published, containing works from the 1920s onward.

The most famous authors of children's literature are Ye Shengtao's  ‘The Scarecrow’ (1923); Bing Xin's ‘The Little Orange Lantern’ (1957); Cao Wenxuan's ‘The Straw House’ (1997); Shen Shishi's ‘The Jackal and the Wolf’ (2012); Yang Hongying's ‘The Tricks of Little Ma’ (2003-2010); Zheng Yuanjie's ‘The Adventures of Pilu’ (1980).          

On April 4, 2016, at the annual International Children's Book Fair in Bologna, Italy, the prestigious Hans Christian Andersen Prize was awarded to the Chinese children's author Cao Wenxuan. This literary prize recognizes the best children's writers and illustrators and was established in 1956 by the International Council for Children's and Young People's Literature of UNESCO. Cao Wenxuan was the first Chinese author in history to receive such a high award. The jury's decision was unanimous because Cao Wenxuan "writes beautifully about the difficult lives of children facing great challenges.    

Modern children's literature is represented by fiction, popular science, reference, educational and political-educational literature.

The book exhibition from the collection of the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan presents books by Chinese authors. There are literacy literature with pictures for children and teenagers who want to learn Chinese and "Chinese Children's Encyclopedia.

We invite young readers to visit the book exhibition.

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