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On December 22, the IFLA/PAC Regional Center for Central Asia, located in the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan, held the regular online meeting. The following issues were considered at the meeting:

  1. 1. Information on the seminar "Libraries creating the Sustainable future", held in November this year in Bangkok (Thailand). Demonstration of the presentation "Libraries. UN Sustainable Development Goals" was presented by the head of the Restoration, Conservation and Binding Service, PhD in Chemistry Sarsenbayeva B.Sh.
  2. 2. Presentation and adjustment of the work plan of the Center for the next 2023.
  3. 3. Miscellaneous. Information on the library map of the world, the conclusion of an agreement with the National Library of Mongolia and the recommendation to study the ISO 16439:2014 Standard "Procedure for assessing the impact of libraries on society".

The event was attended by responsible persons for working with the RC IFLA /PAC for Central Asia in the member organizations of the regional center, as well as conservators and restorers of these organizations.

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